Jan 18, 2008

John Edwards 2008

No other candidate even comes close. It's Edwards or Corporate Cronyism.

Edwards articles at C&L - Vids, Political news concerning Edwards

Four Trials: Edwards Memoir, very well received - A different kind of political memoir, from a different kind of politician
John Edwards.com - His official site
Edwards Twitter Updates - brief updates tell you what Edwards is up to, day to day
Edwards on Foreign Policy "Re-engaging with the World" from Foreign Affairs.org -Very good article written by Edwards that addresses his format for changing current foreign policy.
On The Issues: Edwards and other candidates as well. Basically just a list of various soundbites on each of the biggest issues.

From House of the Rising Sons- previous Edwards posts:

Other blogposts about Edwards:
And to all my fellow bloggers, who are still fence-sitting, or who don't want to seem biased to any one candidate yet- Please show some support for Edwards. This election is too important to give it to anyone but the absolute BEST Candidate for President. And Edwards is that person. And if you have a favorite post about Edwards leave the link in the comments and I'll add it to this post!


Jake said...

John Edwards for president?


Fade said...

Okay, Fair enough. I would vote for Russ Feingold, were he running on the strength of his record. However, he's not.

Edwards will do poorly in Texas? More poorly than Hillary or Obama? I think not.

No candidate is perfect. Russ, after all, was one of the few (maybe the only Senator?) who voted against the Patriot act during the fervor of 9-11 fever.

Hillary is another Lieberman Democrat and Obama, although I believe is sincere, would be ineffective and tied too much to corporate interests. Especially now that he has evoked his love of Reagan, and Edwards took him to task for it.

Edwards is the MOST PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATE we have out of the three leaders. I do not forsee Kucinich beating McCain. Do you?

Do you want Progress or not? Clinton and Obama bring the status quo and more of the same...

Edwards 08!

Fade said...

Oh,lol... I just noticed that website link of Jake's had a pic "I Support Rudy" ...

wow, had me going there for a sec, just another smear job against Edwards...