Jan 2, 2008

Gay Marriage Blues

Does anyone REALLY need the state to approve who you are fucking with a marriage license?

(oh, I'm sorry, I mean who you are in Love with, til ... uh you aren't anymore....)

Gay Divorce- Same old problems

Wasn't a nation full of unhappy straight couples enough of a deterrent? Guess not.

Enjoy your right to screw your life up.

Ain't we all?

If there WAS something such as true love, and I am in no way saying there is- You wouldn't need to affirm your affections with the seal of your state. Renounce the real hypocrisy- the "need" for the institution of marriage. Get a lawyer, have your legal needs and rights (property health, and otherwise) drawn up to your specifications.

And if the love of your life pisses you off- rewrite the fuckers and go about your business. Less angst, less bullshit, no need of a judge to get involved to tell you who gets the good car.

Of course, if you have kids, and you've been through the hell of custody battles- you know that that fucking marriage license doesn't mean shit in the end. Put your kids' well-being before your pride and desire to end up "winning". But, if you can do that, you are probably sane enough that you won't end up in a bitter battle anyway.

As always- common sense, sanity, and a sense of respect towards the one you loved pretty much negates the need for any protracted legal/personal conflict in ending your marital bliss.

But what the hell have those three things got to do with a divorce? If you get married you are trading your trust and your freedom for a piece of paper that basically just makes it harder for you to get away from your partner once the shiny wears off.

If the shiny never wears off, fine. But don't try to pretend that the ring on your finger had a goddamn thing to do with it lasting.

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