Jan 16, 2008

Israel kills 17

...and seriously wounds an 8 year old boy, most likely using flechette weopons in civilian areas.

Bush sure is making headway in the Peace Process, isn't he? ISRAEL is the greatest terrorist nation in the world and should be disarmed and sanctioned... Neocon murderers WILL NEVER support peace. Vote in a President who will quit giving Israel weapons and money to continue spreading terror.

From Common Dreams IDF Kills...

and from the comments there...

It’s really too bad that seemingly all what israelis learned from their holocaust is how to oppress and exterminate their neighbors. Perhaps they should open the Torah.
Book of Leviticus:
‘You shall treat the alien who resides with you no differently than the natives born among you; have the same love for him as for yourself; for you too were once aliens in the land of Egypt. I, the LORD, am your God.’chapter 19, verse 34

Take no revenge and cherish no grudge against your fellow countrymen. You shall love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD. (chapter 19, verse 18)

The Reich of Zion is predicated on the conviction that Israel owns the moral high ground in perpetuity– as if the Moral High Ground were conferred on the state of Israel as weregild by an abashed world in apology for the Holocaust.

Even if that were true, the government of the little Reich has long since been washed off that high ground in a deluge of blood shed by its wanton, genocidal violence against aboriginal societies which resists Zionist territorial aggression.

Israel and the US compose a binary system of rogue states run by ruthless deathmongers– not to put too fine a point on it.
So Bush went to Israel to give Olmert green light to steal and kill. Hamas again offered a truce which the murderous Olmert decided to ignore. Israel deserves every bad things coming its way!
And Bush is now exposed as another poodle for Israel! This is for folks who thinks that this is not the case

Israelis killed Palestinians? Oh that’s okay, as long as not one precious Israeli is killed. Israel and the U.S. might drop a bomb on the Palestinians if one of “God’s Chosen People” were killed, even accidentally. You could even blame the Iranians for it.
Good job on the “peace effort,” Chimp. We can see you and your buddies the Israelis have taken your visit seriously.

I agree, the Israelis don’t seem to have learned a thing from the Holocaust. They have no compassion, empathy, or any humane feelings for the people they are oppressing.
Did you see the Chimp wearing a Jewish skull cap when he was in Israel a few days ago? I guess he and Rice consider themselves Israelis. On her first trip to Israel, she gushed to the Israelis and said how she felt like it was “home” to her.

I see that the Jewish Nation has provided our Sadist-In-Chief with the human sacrifice that he needs to keep that coprophagous smirk on his face. I cringe to think what God and man will do to the American people to balance this and all the other Iseaeli atrocities commited in the name of their God of Cruelty and Avrice.
Thank you all for caring enough to comment on these latest horrors inflicted by the Israelis on the Palestinian people. I continue to be amazed at how little press Israeli aggression gets, although I’m sure that only shows my own naivety. The word needs to get out in as many ways as possible. I somehow think that if people at least KNEW what was going on, there might be a chance for justice. I’ll check out “boycott Israel” and will commit to post messages to as many news outlets as I can each time I hear of an assault like this. My question to them: Why aren’t you reporting terrorist actions by the Israelis?What other ideas do people have? How do we get the U.S. to quit supporting these crimes against humanity?

And as for some blowback, how about this comment....

"To kill a snake you’ve got to go for its head. America happens to be Israel’s head."

That sentiment is a large reason why Israel needs to be stopped, and stopped BY AMERICA, from murdering its neighbors on a wholesale basis year after year after year. Israel's actions and the retaliations of suicide bombers are both terrorist actions. To stop one, you've got to stop the other.

Murder is murder. Israel's actions sponsor more Israeli deaths. They will NEVER learn. It is time to stop giving the ignorant bastards more bombs and money with which they will continue the destruction.

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But he did call it an occupation." BFD.