May 7, 2007

Edwards first

I received this from DFA this morning...

Democracy for America members are keeping the pressure up on the Democratic candidates for President. We're demanding they stay true to progressive principles and articulate a clear vision on the most important issues of our time. In March, Senator Edwards was the first to state his position on Iraq in a video directly to you.

Last month, DFA members asked the candidates to lead America forward with a plan to stop global warming, encourage conservation and invest in renewable resources. Senator John Edwards is again the first candidate to respond:

Edwards Energy

Senator Edwards takes three minutes to lay out every aspect of his plan. You won't hear responses like this at the primary debates or in a T.V. commercial. The mainstream media acts like it doesn't have time and won't pay attention to the detail. But we will.
The core of Senator Edwards' plan is "to ask Americans to be patriotic about something other than war." Hear the whole plan:

Edwards Energy

There are many great candidates running for President. It is up to each of us to find the candidate that best represents our views and do everything we can to help them win. A healthy primary challenge will make our eventual nominee stronger and the progressive movement more powerful. That's why DFA brings these videos directly to you as an honest broker in your decision making process. This is NOT an endorsement of Senator Edwards' campaign. However, if you like what you hear today, you can join his campaign at:

As of this moment, out of the current field of candidates, I support John Edwards whole heartedly. I like what Kucinich has to say, but as these two examples show, Edwards is leading the pack in illustrating Plans for success and laying out a concrete path for solutions to our current problems. This is of very real importance in today's political picture, when Democrats are daily being accused of having no plans. Edwards is going beyond political rhetoric and standard campaigning to give us a focus of what he means and not abstract ideals.

Get behind Edwards today. Implement your own plan to take back America from the do-nothing Republican party. That means backing a strong candidate who doesn't have the suspect motives of Hillary Clinton or the mediocre substance of Obama.


KayInMaine said...

Fade, love this:

"I am a Constitutional Literalist and believe in the founding fathers original vision for this country- Freedom from Religion, Oppression, and the Separation of Powers. I believe in a citizenry that is innocent until proven guilty and that every man deserves a fair trial. I believe that the Constitution is the greatest framework of law in the world, and that as a government, when prosecuting our cititzens or the citizens of other countries- that rule of law should apply across the board with NO EXCEPTIONS- enemy combatant or otherwise. I believe in setting myself and my country to a higher standard, and I don't mind a bit to sacrifice my own blood,sweat,tears, and cold hard cash in order to do so. Our country is only as strong and as free as We, the People make it be. So get off your asses and do your part to throw the off the yoke of commercialist war profiteers and robber barons who have taken over our country."

Well said and you are so right! I life my clenched fist to you. ;-)

KayInMaine said...

And I agree with you on Edwards & Hillary. Edwards is great...Hillary is not. We Americans are tired of either a Bush or a Clinton in the White House. We want change!

I'm a huge Kucinich fan and after watching the democratic debate I like Mike Gravel too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You want change? You aren't going to get it with Edwards, sorry.