Jan 17, 2008

Lurking at Five New Blogs

(like a big ole puppy dog...)

Or these blogs are new to me, Anyway...

Blue Girl

Blind in Texas

One Good Thing and a moving post from Flea's blog from awhile back...

Distant Ocean has a breakdown on Cheney's Evolutionary cycle (Hat tip to Ice Station Tango )

The Fifth Estate 5th has a post concerning Tony Snow's book on how to Defeat Cancer. I haven't seen it in the bookstores yet, but here's what I imagine a rough draft looks like:

Tony Snow Cancer Help Rough draft:
Preface: Good American Healthcare Plan
First things first= Have you gotten yourself some good government healthcare prior to finding out you have cancer? You haven't? Well. Get Religion.Skip to Chapter 10.

Chapter 1: Bring it on, Cancer!
Everyone knows you defeat cancer just like you defeat Al Quaeda- you invade an organ near the cancer, nuke the entire system until the cancer dies (and hopefully not the organ or the whole system with it).

Chapter 2-6: How Republican conservatism prepared me to face cancer.
Tell everyone God and Bush has saved you from the cancerous threat.

Chapter 6: Waiting game
If the procedure actually works, its a triumph for democracy / medical science. If not,just when the bodies got no chance left- you surge in, cut away everything you can for one last ditch effort. If good cells are removed with bad, its just the price you pay.

Chapter 7-9: No one can predict the future
Don't listen to doctors or pay attention to their fancy-shmancy punditry. You'll know in your gut (especially if you have gut cancer) if the cancer is defeated.

Chapter 10: Thank you, George Bush
If god loves you and you aren't a freeloading liberal, the cancer's gone, just like Mine! Yay!

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