Jan 2, 2008

Nice Guys Finish ... last?

Angry is one of the most honest bloggers out there. She lays it out why nice guys finish last in her tongue-in-cheek opinion.. Hey Assholes

I love me some Angry. Reminds me a little of... well, me. But a younger, more energetic me whose life was consumed by finding that perfect piece of ... life companion..? And when you're in your twenties, what the hell, you've got plenty of time to fuck off and follow your whims...

Read her whole post, it's great. It can kind of be summarized like this :

“Men are like tile - you lay ‘em right once, and you can walk all over them.” And continuing to find a guy who will walk all over you is infinitely more entertaining than a guy who, you know, treats you with respect (booorrr-innnggggg!)

If you aren't a nice guy, you probably already quit reading this and have surfed over to Angry's place to find out if you can be next on her list to see who can outlay who in order to start asserting your dominance. Good Luck with that. My money's on Angry.

If you are on a mission to fuck every vain, shallow bitch/bastard out there, by all means be an asshole, be a huge fucking bitch. The Paris Hiltons of the world love the "challenge" of screwing such an arrogant cocksman or such an "untouchable" hottie.

But when you grow up and get tired of this youthful exercise in idiocy and degradation-

then quit being a sorry self-centered slut of a person and find a decent man/woman who wants the same. And BE a decent person. Some people never outgrow the "game". Luckily most of us do.

The decent person won’t be the flashiest one out there, they won’t be the one that has a dozen “friends” of the opposite sex that they go out with three times a week to get smashed in order to forget how inconsequential their life really is.

They won’t be concerned with how much money you make/spend. They’ll be there when you need them and expect you to be there when they need you. The first time you shit on them, they’ll be gone, and they won’t look back. And the first time they shit on you- RUN =don’t walk away.

Love the fact that you ARE a good, nice person who doesn't fuck over others. Self confidence is its own aphrodesiac- When you stop chasing shiny trophy pussy to help finance your ego's deepening debt- you might actually find a keeper.

Go ahead and be a nice guy or girl. It’s okay, no matter what the Paris Hiltons are chasing this week. Just don’t let the Peter Pans out there treat you like you are supposed to be their latest accessory while you are being nice to them. Life's too short to be an asshole and its WAY TOO SHORT To have to deal with one.

I KNOW. I was the biggest prick you'd ever meet before I finally figured my shit out. And I've been shit on by some of the biggest bitches on the planet.


Frederick said...

Her post reminds me of why I don't talk about my personal life so much on my blog anymore.

Fade said...

lol- yah, I know I've written several "too much information!" blogposts before- cringe inducing, but if you cant laugh at yourself, you're screwed anyway. It keeps the blogosphere interesting. There's nothing more boring than all the bloggers out there who keep their writing completely unemotional and sterile.

Got to spill some of your blood in the ink from time to time...

blue girl said...

Hey Fade,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm not here to defend myself except to say that I hope you stop by again so that you can get to know me a little bit. One blog post doesn't give the whole picture to the whole person.

Kind of like you and frederick were saying above.

We have fun at my place. With or *without* champagne.


Happy New Year!

angry ballerina said...

Awesome, thanks for the plug dude.
Fred, loosen the fuck up