Jan 25, 2008

News sources

Current TV

What's your preferred source of news? Since I am addicted to politics and news, period, I use as many sources as I can find on the net. The television in my office is dialed into CNBC and has to stay there during the day and I don't watch tv at home so the net is where I get all my news.

Crooks and Liars is usually my first morning stop, check out what's getting the most attention, have a brief laugh over whichever politician has gotten busted being a hypocrite that day, and to put in my two cents worth in the comments.

Then I hit Blue Herald, see what Question Girl and the gang have dug up. I have three monitors on my desk so I am absorbing several inputs at the same time. I usually have my stock news sites up on one monitor: Dedicated trader, Bloomberg, Yahoo finance, MSNBC finance. I am running spreadsheets and streaming stock charts on another. And surfing the blogs on the third.

I hit my favorites list after BH- Think Progress, Americablog, Media Matters, Informed Comment, Truthdig and Common dreams. After that I just randomly go down my blogroll, hitting up my favorite bloggers to see what they have going on.

If I have time I might check out Democracy Now!'s latest vid-news or hit Alternet and the Nation. The commenters at the Nation's website are the biggest group of neocon hitmen/trolls I've ever seen. I bet Cheney, Ari Fleischer and Rush Limbaugh are in there plastering people with their bullshit.

So how do you get your news of the day?


angry ballerina said...

No! YOU shut up!

Inner Monologue said...

Old Fade- Act, no think: Fuck That!

New improved, mellowed with age Fade: (... good luck with shutting me up...) think, then act-

"Yes, dear."

Hmmm Think THEN Act... Good luck to myself with that shit..

Hill said...

McClatchy, then AP. Both online.

If you're so inclined, stop by and help us live blog Dubya The Asshole's last ever SOTU tonight.

Bottoms up!