Jan 17, 2008

Conservatives hold the Economy Hostage

Sad but True over at Unruly Mob has an excellent post up- Conservative Ideology Deconstructed

'We won't help America unless we get our permanent tax cuts, waaa waaaa...'

Go Fuck Yourselves, you uppity rich cocksuckers. You ain't getting your fucking cuts made permanent.

Bush's horseshit has driven our economy into the ground by allowing corporations to do whatever they fucking want to and rip off America, both our government AND our citizens with their risky scams. Now, I know where your tax cuts money has gone... down the damn drain, along with your stock's account value. Damn the luck.

So YOUR money went to make some fat cat running a hedge fund somewhere that much fatter. Sorry 'bout ya. You aren't getting extra tax cuts that you can throw away funding the next Anthony Mozillo so he can exercise some good ole free market ass fucking on the rest of the country.

"Trickle down", my ass. Already the wing nuts are clamoring to blame the Clintons for the mess Bush has carefully crafted as he has funneled trillions into the Middle East.

Motherfucking Brilliant, right? And hey- let's give those freedom loving Saudis some guided missles. They'll NEVER use them against us, right? Goddamnit, is there ANYTHING you morons on the right WON'T let this mental midget do? Some Saudi Royal and an Exxon Mobil Exec now have matching 24k gold plated Rolls Royces. Woo Hoo Free market!

Meanwhile the only benefit you upper middle class brainiacs can understand is a few measely tax cuts, which are far surpassed on the downside by the inflationary costs and the devaluation of the dollar, among a thousand other factors. Take another look into your stock market valuations. Guess what? It's all tied together, brother.

Conservative Ideology Deconstructed
Please, read it all. It's good stuff, not as profanity laced, but no one's perfect.


The Pansy Bastard™ said...

KICK-ASS post. :)

Megabrad said...
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Hill said...

Not as profanity-laced?

What kind of fuckery is that?!?


Jolly Roger said...

The wingtards think that 20 dollars a month they got back from Chimpy is just the greatest thing ever. Never mind the 150% increase in the cost of a gallon of gas, or the 80% increase in the cost of health insurance, or the steep jack in local taxes to cover things the Feds used to do before Chimpy started ladling money out to his cronies.

Wingtards are worse than retarded children. You CAN work with a retarded child and get him or her to function on some level.