Jan 28, 2008

Blog comment of the day

found on one of the stock trading blogs...
(it may have gotten deleted... most of the comments on that thread are getting that way)

"No, shit-for-brains…I’m a military officer trying to keep our boys and girls alive in the midst of one of teh greatest foreign policy coups in our nation’s short history, while you sit on your overweight, fast-food-eating carcass of an arse in the US and act all indignant and patriotic and all that blah.

It’s ignorant citizens like you who let our politicians run afoul of international law and trash our credibility abroad, and then vote for them again so they can finish the job. And it’s citizens like you who put your little red, white and blue flags on your big shiny SUVs, while carefully placing your “No Dogs, Sailors or Soldiers on the Grass” sign on your front lawns.
And your comment about beheadings is putting the cart before the horse, I’m afraid.
You make me sick. I hate the fact that I swore an oath to defend and die for you."


Frederick said...

ignorant citizens...when can we start deporting them? /snark

navyswan said...

Fred, that's easy, we already are.

angry ballerina said...

Damn. Fire and brimstone....