Jan 4, 2008

Because some days are brighter than others

Sun, Rise

The two worst contenders for President go down in flames in Iowa.

Edwards Shines

Moore's final words say it all. I hate to post him twice in one week, but he's right on target with this :

"Bottom line: People have had it. Iowa will go blue (Happy Blue Year, Hawkeyes!). Whomever your candidate is on the Dem side, this was a good night. Get some sleep. The Republicans won't go down without a fight. Look what happened when Kerry tried to play nice. So Barack, you can talk all you want about "let's put the partisanship aside, let's all get along," but the other side has no intention of being anything but the bullies they are. Get your game face on now. And, if you can, tell me why you are now the second largest recipient of health industry payola after Hillary. You now take more money from the people committed to stopping universal health care than any of the Republican candidates.

Despite what your answer may be, I was proud to sit in my living room tonight and see you and your family up on that stage. We became a bit better tonight, and on that I will close by saying, sweet dreams -- and on to that other totally white state of New Hampshire!"

And it couldn't have all happened on a better week for me, personally.

Sitting in the new house, with all four of my children together and the love of my life filling up the empty space that I didn't even believe I needed to fill at one time- life has just been really damn good... It's been just a brilliant, beautiful holiday for my family and as of yesterday night- for the rest of the country too. Hope may spring eternal from the hearts of fools- but it sure is nice being a fool this morning!

The boys head back to Arizona tomorrow, and I wish the time hadn't gone so fast, but really I couldn't have asked for a better time this year. I hope your holidays have been equally joyous.

And, as always: GO EDWARDS!

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