Jan 11, 2008

Blogger Something day coming up...

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frum Ze Swiffer:

"have reminded me that this February 3 is the first anniversary of one of the darkest days in the blogosphere, Blogroll Amnesty Day, the day that Atrios of Eschaton intitiated his bloody blogroll massacre, cutting a number of fine smaller blogs from his blogroll, including my good friend skippy, and a number of other big bloggers followed his lead. But a funny thing happened on the way to the bloodletting. A number of smaller bloggers decided they were tired of being pushed around by the A-Listers and decided to fight back by banding together and making their own blogrolls more inclusive instead of more exclusive. So I hope you will all join me, skippy, Barefoot Bum and anyone else who wants to get on board in remembering this great and terrible day and turn the weekend of February 1-3 into a celebration of the power of all the little blogs out there who deserve our support."


Frederick said...

I remember it well...

Targa said...

Interesting. I never heard about this event. Last week I made an "off the cuff" remark on C&L about how the quality of the site had diminished some. Well, the moderator deleted the comment, even though I said, "Take it back, John. Good luck"... something to that affect.
Anyway, the last few posts I've made have had a "Awaiting moderation" next to my name.
My comment wasn't even bad, but there it is. That they are THAT thin-skinned has offered me a glimpse at what I thought was already occurring. These "A-Lister" blogs, to me, are no better than the elitist scum they are purported to be rallying against.
So, why have these "bigger" blogs decided that they are the bigger blog? Because they were mentioned two years ago on MSNBC and The Daily Show? They are no better than the MSM these days.
It has become a "blogstar fuckfest" and I'm pretty much done with it. I'll continue to visit the sites I find interesting, enlightening. Sites whose authors actually contribute commentary beyond a link and a casual sniffy mention of someone famous or which network they'll be on. Usually to pimp their stats and not much else.
I've removed C&L from my blogroll. They don't need me... and as I've now come to realize... I don't need them.
And... I will never require someone's comment to "await moderation".

Okay... I'm done.