Jan 20, 2008

I cant imagine

Some say the end is near Some say we'll see armageddon soon

I certainly hope we will I sure could use a vacation from this

Bullshit three ring circus sideshow of Freaks Here in this hopeless fucking hole we call USA

The only way to fix it is to flush it all away Any fucking time. Any fucking day.Learn to swim, I'll see you down in the bottom of the bay

Fret for your figure and Fret for your latte and Fret for your race and Fret for your hairpiece and Fret for your prozac and Fret for your sex and Fret for your past and Fret for your car

Some say a comet will fall from the sky Followed by meteor showers and tidal wavesFollowed by faultlines that cannot sit stillFollowed by millions of dumbfounded dipshits

And Some say the end is near Some say we'll see armageddon soonI certainly hope we will cuz I sure could use a vacation from this Stupid shit, silly shit, stupid shit...

One great big festering neon distraction, I've a suggestion to keep you all occupied Learn to swim.Learn to swim.Learn to swim.

Mom is going to fix it all soon, Mom is coming round to put it back the way it oughtta be...Learn to swim

Fuck L Ron Hubbard and Fuck all his clones

Fuck all these gun-toting Hip gangster wannabes Fuck retro anything Fuck your tattoos

Fuck all you junkies and Fuck your short memory

Fuck smiley glad-hands With hidden agendas

Fuck these dysfunctional, Insecure leaders

Cuz I'm praying for rain And I'm praying for tidal waves I wanna see the ground give way. I wanna watch it all go down Mom please flush it all away I wanna see it go right in and down I wanna watch it go right in Watch you flush it all away Time to bring it down again

Don't just call me pessimist Try and read between the lines. I can't imagine why you wouldn't Welcome any change, my friend I wanna see it all come down suck it down flush it down.

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