Jan 16, 2008

Daddy Kirk's 720

It all started with my daughter, Amy, asking what a "180" was...

So, after I broke out pen and paper (cause, she's every bit as much of a analytical geek as I) and explained 90 degree angles, 180s and 360s as best as I could, using examples with trampolines and skateboards and finally we spun around the room together for full effect- she kept the math going and asked: So If I spin around twice its a 720?

Uh yeah.

She's happy cuz she learned something. I'm happy because I may have actually taught something, and there ya go. Momentary Parental Nirvana achieved. Now I can drink myself into a stupor without feeling as guilty as normal.

Just kidding. Barely a half-stupor, but its 11pm, so I'm working on it.

Any-Way- So after toying with the idea of deleting this blog tonight, or deleting everything but the non-political posts (I know, jeezus, that would take some time) I decide I shall persevere. And feeling like everything has grown sort of stagnant of late, I delve into piles of my old writing, most of which was completely non-political. I found some gems, though. From my Republican days.

I will now ruin all my hard-earned liberal blog cred by posting some of them...

This is a letter to the Editor to the Lubbock Avalanche Journal that got published 10 years ago during the Impeachment of Bill Clinton. Back when I was a certified dittohead.

The Lady who Defended Clinton on 10/7/98 says a husband can receive "mouth jobs" from a woman besides his wife and it is okay. Apparently she and the president have the same views on marriage. However, Clinton finally admitted having "regular" sex with other women during his marriage. He first lied to his family and the public about all of them. He also lied about accepting illegal contributions from agents of the Chinese government. He also lied about doing drugs. He also lied about knowing nothing about Travelgate and Whitewater. I don't think he should be impeached ONLY for his dalliances with a Government employee on Government time on Government property. He should be removed from office for All of his numerous crimes against America and the American people. And By the way, I also think that we Clinton bashers could make good skunk catchers, after all, we caught HIM.

My first letter ever published to the A-J. Boy was I full of myself (completely unlike the moderate, humble blogger you know and love now, huh?) All that I can say in defense of myself is - uh - Hey! I'm consistent in my desire to impeach Presidents, no matter what party- Now, THAT'S Bipartisan...

My next letter got me in hot water with the family, who decided I was satanic. How, may I ask you, can a card carrying recipient of the Limbaugh letter be in league with the Debbil? I am re-printing it here, just to show that you can be a metal-head and a Republican at the same time. Although, now, hindsight being 20/20 - I understand that Rush was a gateway drug into fascist dopedom. Luckily my ADHD prevented the crystal meth from having much of an effect.

A little hearsay goes a long way. This letter is in response to Mrs.Caldwell's (AJ 1-25). The band, Marilyn Manson, is not satanic, and neither does the lead singer who also goes by the name, Marilyn Manson, consider himself the antichrist. The name of their most recent album is Antichrist Superstar, a tongue-in-cheek marketing ploy devised by the band's manager, in order to garner attention from the rebellious teen age group who make up the band's target audience. Does anyone remember the band KISS and the rumors surrounding them? Marilyn Manson is KISS for the 90's. Sure they dress up weird, act a little goofy, and use a lot of theatrical special effects. So what? The music is good, and that is why I will be at the concert on Feb.4. People should open their eyes and minds before calling for a ban of anything based merely on gossip.

This was all, of course, before the religious wing of the right reared its fugwy head. By the time that had happened, I was already out the door. I never thought that I would end up here, in the strange limbo that I now inhabit, the liberal ghetto of redneckistan. It's all good, though. I wasn't a total douchebag back then, I still managed to write a few things that mean something to me still....

Untitled 8/14/96

Never again a broken heart,
and never again true love-
And when I relive those evil deeds,
I know this fate worse than ever dreamed of.

Wisdom comes hard, or not at all,
and Penance only allowed so many times
These words are my duty and my final debt
Here- My love borne of a few simple rhymes...

Arrogance is bliss
but is easily corrected
With the loss of your kiss
My soul was disconnected

I set aside the decay of pride
and dream the same daydream
holding you close by my side
and things become all they seem

I've never said that I wasn't lost
The only thing I liked about my life was you
The price of my selfishness now has an eternal cost...
And drifting here in Hell, I don't know what to do.

Pain IS a gift. But hopefully not one you have to receive forever.


Targa said...

Interesting. I once was a card carrying Republican during the Reagan era. Worked in the military industrial complex for a long time.
Then, it occurred to me that I was NOT reaping the rewards of my misguided affiliation.
I searched my soul and discovered that I really was a progressive liberal-minded person that has more compassion for people than those that claim to be compassionate.

BTW, I hope the reminder wasn't from "ineptitude" and more from "half-stupor".

Fade said...

oh, uh.. THAT could be construed as insulting.. huh?

Well, let's just chalk it up to MY ineptitude and stupor...

I meant it cuz you sometimes have posts of just pure inspired YOU, where it just kind of shines what kind of person you are.

Uh,I think... by the time I made it over to Carl's (after I commented on your blog) I was rocking the 7/8 stupor...

Anonymous said...

It's the inability to change that is unforgivable.

I once emailed an letter of support to John Linder for his "Fair Tax" bill. It was only after really looking at the ramifications of it that I realized what a tool I was.

Good on you for teaching your daughter about a 180. Kids remember that kind of teaching.