Jan 3, 2008

Progress = Ending the Occupation

Only One Top Dem will End Iraq Occupation

Guess Who that is ?

(from Alternet)
"According to the National Journal, the Democratic candidates' "disputes over issues have almost completely evaporated in the campaign's final days." The leading Dems, according to the Journal, are beating each other up over who has the most effective "leadership style" or similar abstractions. The notion that the top candidates are virtually identical on the issues and vary only in "tone" -- with Clinton the voice of experience and pragmatism, Obama the feel-good "uniter" who can heal a divided country and John Edwards the aggressive economic populist -- has become, to some degree, the conventional wisdom of campaign 2008.

But, as is often the case, it's also simply wrong."

"While it's true that the big three have similar stances on a number of issues, on Iraq -- the one that Democrats and swing voters say is either their top concern, or No. 2 after the economy -- the top candidates' differences couldn't be more significant. In fact, only John Edwards among the top three Dems would effectively end the occupation of Iraq within a year of taking office."

Stopping the Occupation/"war" is the first step for any real progress in this country. And John Edwards is the only one who I believe will actually attempt to bring our troops home from Iraq as soon as he can.

Anyone who is fed up with the insanity of the neocons has only one real choice to stop more of our soldiers for dying in Iraq for the sake Billionaire War profiteers and neocon chickenhawks.

If you AREN'T Enraged at 4 years of our soldiers dying for lies by rich, fat fucking lowlife corporate slime powermongers like Dick Cheney and George Dubya, then you ARE the traitor to our country.

And waving your fucking little flags is a piss poor excuse for really supporting the troops as Dubya and his Saudi backroom oil buddies send our military into a meatgrinder, then take away their goddamn healthcare, pensions, and futures once they return crippled.

Shame on every one of you who has supported the anti-American policies of war, torture, and the murder of civilians that George Bush has brought us.


This is a very important juncture in our nation's future - Don't Fuck It UP by voting for some corporate sycophant or some ineffective, insincere "Rock Star" who hasn't even done a good job as a Senator.

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Frederick said...

I hope he pulls through tonite.