Jan 7, 2008

Games Parties Play

Drinking Liberally - Superdelegates

From JobsAnger
"The Texas Democratic Party says Dennis Kucinich will not be on the party's primary ballot in March. Kucinich did file the necessary paperwork, but would not sign a loyalty oath to support the party's nominee in November."

Careful where you point that thing, from MCCS

Throwing support, away from Morning Martini
Kucinich backs Obama in Iowa...

No Quarter shoots, dissects, and mounts the head of Obama's campaign on the wall of the den
Larry Johnson explains about Obama's lobbyist ties and his ability to say anything that will get him on the road to , eventually, not being elected.

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Connecticut Man1 said...

Hi. Thanks for the link! Should be one coming back'atcha in that diary. :)

And it does seem like a game. The problem is that every time the grassroots catches up a bit the establishment changes the rules to tilt the game board even more.

BTW: Nice Blog.