Jan 5, 2008

Bloggers Selling out

Note to all my fellow Blog-Patriots, fighting the good fight and struggling to take our country back:

If Your Blog is sportin' Rush Limbaugh ads, then YOU are part of the fucking problem.

If you are selling hate speech, unknowingly or not, as pop-ups or ads on your sidebar, then You are a two bit hypocrite.

I am tired of seeing ads pimping Ann Coulter's email on top of supposedly Progressive blogs. Is the money from these ads trickling into your credit card worth it If one more American becomes indoctrinated with her vile spew as a result of an ad on your blog?

I don't think so.

I know you can't control what ads you are helping sell- but it doesn't matter. If you CANNOT control which crap YOU are helping to sell, then stop allowing your blog to be used.

I can't take a post about the damage torture does to our own troops seriously when your blog is helping to push the Pro-Torture dialogue.

If even Progressive bloggers can't keep their damn hands out of the corporate cookie jar for fucking pennies, how can you dare demand the same of our main stream media pundits?

Please, take down ads on your blog. I'm probably a lot poorer than most of the damn bloggers out there, but you'll never see an ad on this blog, as long as I can help it!

And for those of you who are on the same page as me- Great- Help spread the word and Boycott the bloggers that are helping keep Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the rest of those slimy assholes marketed all over the damn internet!

Don't help sell hate. If you demand a better democracy, a better life and a better world- you've got to start at home. Don't be a hypocrite.


Caro said...

Limbaugh and Coulter financing blogs that criticize them severely is surely the purest irony.

Sorry you don't appreciate the humor.

Carolyn Kay

StealthBadger said...

The Dark Wraith has a network going where he publishes a rolling feed of everyone in the network's most recent posts in an iframe, with some ads at the end for himself (for operating and maintaining the damn thing).

That's the only "ad" I run, and I haven't seen anything objectionable there - and I'll leave it if I do. No disagreement with your post whatsoever, because running advertising for someone you hate does NOT enrich you in any way, especially not ethically or intellectually.

Caro said...

Lighten UP.

You're killing yourself, Badger.

Carolyn Kay

McMike said...

With so many blogs out there, some will only get one visit to base a judgment. Yours is whiny, pretentious and unhelpful.

A lot of bloggers do not realize the ads' objectionable content, and/or do not know how alter said content, and/or do not know better alternatives. Rather than bitch, cuss and boycott, you could do the research and inform them.

But, you do not seem like the type to be constructive.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

That is the reason I won't put ads on my blogs. I don't want ads for Coulter or O'Reilly on my blog after I do a post that is critical of them. They get enough exposure, my views and opinions don't.

nezua said...

how dare you ask people to put principle before cash flow! clearly you are anti-american.

PoliShifter said...

You should name the blogs you are bitching about.

I have adsense on my blog. The Adsense code decides what ads to display based on keyword density etc.

So far I have not blocked any ads though I have noticed from time to time Human Events advertising Ann Coulter's column FREE....I dont see the point in blocking that ad. If Ann Coulter has been lowered so far as to offer her column free then so be it.

I remember I complained when Atrios accepted CNN ads for Glen Beck and for Chevron...They have a little more control over their add display at the 'liberal blogads' network but still chose to advertise for Chevron and Glenn Beck.

The answer back was money is money and if they think they will have an effect advertising on a liberal blog then so be it, but most of the audience reading the blog was in no way shape or form going to watch/listen to Glenn Beck or be influenced by Chevron.

Sorry if my blog offended you with whatever ads Adsense was throwing up at the time you stopped by.

If you can remember exactly what ads set you off and let me know, I can check my adsense account and see if I can block them.

Fade said...

Poli- First things first- I am not bitching about your blog= I don't recall ever having ads pounded into my face at your site. I thought about saying exactly whose post/blog inspired this, but I didn't want to pick them out when so many others do it, too- because their content is good, but their ads are ON TOP of each and every post, and that's just a little much.. The point wasn't to pick on anybody specifically, but just to vent about having to see that shit when we are trying to fight these very same people.

Stealth, Doc, Nez, glad to see your comments!

Caro- the irony goes both ways... I'd hate to see Bill O reading a post of me eviscerating some of his bullshit, and then laughing "Look-this jackass has my ad up! I DON'T WANT any of Bill O's money, especially NOT if it makes him more money in the process.

"You're killing yourself, Badger" - uh cuz he isn't cashing in to the fullest?

McMike- Yeah, I do bitch a lot. But that was the point of this post- to bitch AND to inform bloggers that ads like this are not harmless or merely "ironic" but damaging to our greater cause. That is, if your blog is really here for a greater reason than to make you money.

I am glad this post got picked up by Mike and got people talking and thinking about the subject. I know my writing comes off as like a drunken, rabid redneck but hey thats just me- I tend to be pissed off at the Coulters, Limbaughs, etc. I ain't mad at my fellow progressive bloggers, I just want them to stop helping the bad guys.

Fade said...

And maybe I should have offered advertising alternatives for progressive blogs, but since I don't want ads period - cluttering up my beautiful liberal redneck rantery - I didn't bother doing the research for those of you out there who do use your blog for income.

But as Polishifter commented there are ways for bloggers to control your ad content, so don;t just blindly accept whatever they give you. This blog real estate is worth tons of ad money- (well, maybe not my blog,lol) make the ad companies work for YOU and the progressive causes.

Carl said...


The unfortunate fact is, Google's ads work by keywords, so if you write about Limbaugh, you get Limbaugh ads, no matter how nasty you were towards him.

Nearly every other ad I have is a self-indulgent preening ad pimping something I am peddling or like to see get more exposure.

I'm happy with the balance, even if from time to time, I cringe.

PoliShifter said...

Hi Fade, no worries...

just keep being true to yourself, that's all that matters.

jobsanger said...

I have to agree with you on this, Fade.
I do have one ad link to a left-wing T-shirt company that I like, but I have avoided the general ad companies because I don't want to push a product or idea I don't agree with.
I also think some blogs have so many ads that they look tacky and their readers have to fight through them to get to the content.
My blog is too important to me to mess it up like that.