Oct 31, 2007

The Men who SHOULD be leading the Country

Watching the Democratic debate versus the Republican
debate, one thing is glaringly obvious: ANY of the Democrats would be a major improvement over these sock puppet corporate clowns on the Republican side.

Edwards is my choice, but props to Kucinich, Biden, Dodd, and Richardson for simply appearing sane compared to the monkeyfucking shit-for-brains like Guliani, Thompson, McCain,etc..

Kucinich - very well laid out plans

More Kucinich at C&L

Gravel missing, of course, because he's too honest

Oh, and LMFAO AGAIN- ANOTHER anti-gay Republican is busted, this one dressed up Like Guliani (women's lingerie) having sex with a man in a nudie booth...

Republican Richard Curtis hastens to say : "I'm not Gay". I just like having gay sex while wearing women's clothes in public places.

Oh, Well THAT makes it okay then. Carry on. How can we win the war in Terror if our Republican war mongers can't dress up like chicks and blow men in public restrooms?


old hack said...

you missed it man. you totally missed it. Gravel showed up anyway right across the street with a projector and a microphone and an audience of supporters and answered every question that was thrown out in last nights debate. But because he wasn't on TV only a few thousand folks caught it. it'll be on youtube.. You should throw an update out there to make people aware that Gravel is fighting harder then ever and that maybe you might start supporting huim since he is "too honest".. and it's not a matter of him bieng too honest. It's a matter of our system being TOO FUCKING CORRUPT. General Electric are war profiteers and they own MSNBC. Man you shoulda seen it last night. He had a live cast online at ustream and his answers were as right as they always are. And because he could mute it and pause it he deciphered each candidate down to their code and exposed every single one of them for the liars and manipulators that they are. It was truly somthing to remember.

old hack said...

oh and those that say "he can't win".. If 100,000 people all gave Mike 100 dollars each he could take the whitehouse. We just have to want it bad enough. Thats the only real problem. Getting people to unite and commit themselves while pop culture does everything in its power to divide us.

Fade said...

Gravel has some good points but he's got his bad, too. But get me that link, Old Hack. I'd love to see it, too.

old hack said...
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SadButTrue said...

As Molly Ivins said, "just when you think there are no significant differences between the Democrats and Republicans, the Republicans do something to prove you wrong."

I still think the Democrats need to try harder, especially in the arena of Constitutional Restoration. WTF, they can't even get enough votes to bring back habeas corpus?