Dec 14, 2006

Edwards Firing up

Chuck, at Blues and Then Some, has a great video of John Edwards giving a short speech (at a blues club or some private venue...?) He's really fired up and like Chuck says-

"Edwards has something to say, and I like the way he says it."

Edwards: "This applies to all of us, every-single-one-of-us, We cannot wait for someone else to do this. We can't. There's too much at stake."

The leaders that we've been waiting for are us.

Check out the video!


Anonymous said...

I adore Edwards. He's something so many other politicians aren't. He's a DECENT man.
And thanks on the C&L thing. I about spewed my Dr. Pepper when I saw it.
So glad you liked the Janis vid. She's from the same town where I met Hubby, Port Arthur. I miss her singing. She was one of a kind, WAY ahead of her time. RIP.

Batocchio said...

I'm a fan of Edwards as well. Other than Ted Kennedy, the perennial champion of the minimum wage, now that RFK and Wellstone are gone, who else really talks about the poor?