Dec 19, 2007

Why Edwards is better than Hillary or Obama, part 256

(okay, maybe one more Edwards post...)

Why Edwards is the Best

As Atrios puts it:

Shorter Candidates:
Obama: The system sucks, but I'm so awesome that it'll melt away before me.

Edwards: The system sucks, and we're gonna have to fight like hell to destroy it.
Clinton: The system sucks, and I know how to work within it more than anyone.
It's just a no-brainer to someone who still believes we CAN Fight the Republicans ON OUR OWN GROUND and Win...
And Win BIG.
Obama and Clinton as President just remind me of Pelosi and Reid.


SadButTrue said...

I totally agree - but John Edwards has to make his move, and quickly if he wants to win the primary.

I think he should defy common wisdom and reach out to those lesser candidates on the ballot for support - and promise them positions in his government should he win. I think Richardson is maneuvering for Secretary of State. OK, offer it to him - he'd probably do a good job. Tough call whether to make Kucinich or Dodd Vice President. A couple of days ago I would have awarded it to Dennis, but Chris' small but important victory over telecom immunity can't be ignored.

Get all these machines working together and the much bigger machines of sHillary and Obama could fall. One thing certain, the selection of another triangulating 'centrist' to the White House will not be good for democracy in America.

Fade said...

Good points, SBT