Jan 14, 2008

Bush:We should have bombed Auschwitz

Because blowing people up is mercy killing to peabrain spoiled rich kids.

I think some Auschwitz survivors might have a problem with that.

from Pensito Review:

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, the saying goes, then every solution will look like a nail. Thus, in Bush’s primitive brain, the best way to have stopped the horror at the camps would have been to bomb the hell out of them.
Mainly, though, it’s hard to get past the cognitive dissonance of reading an honest, human utterance from Bush’s mouth that was not crafted by the White House political shop and focus-grouped in Paramus to ensure ambiguity.
It also reminds us of the unique kid-glove treatment George W. Bush receives from the media. It is impossible to imagine any other politician whose grandfather had profited from Nazi slave labor who could tour a Holocaust memorial with the media in tow and not be hounded for a comment on his grandfather’s role in the horror."

This is reason 3,451 why silver-spoon fed, oblivious-to-reality worthless little cocksuckers like George W. Bush should have never been given the keys to the White House.

How many hundreds of thousands of people will be blown to bits by the time he leaves the office of the President of the United States of America? How may women and children will have been ripped to shreds by American bombs under the guise of "giving them freedom". And if you are one of my countrymen who only cares about Americans and don't give a damn about the lives of Iraqis, well then consider how many American soldiers Bush has sent to their deaths, think on how many limbless kids are coming back scarred horribly mentally and physically by being sent on Bush's bloody errands.

And for WHAT? So that this monumental fuckhead can try to start ANOTHER WAR in IRAN? So he can rob our returning wounded military men and women of their SIGN UP Bonuses?
So he can quietly defund their pensions while simulatenously funding his own private mercenary army? This isn't a tough defense- it's an all-or-nothing offense, similar to Hitler invading anyone he possibly could. This type of aggression WILL come back to bite America in the ass.

Bush is allowing Blackwater and Halliburton to be held higher in the chain of command than our own military! Halliburton is raping American women that work for them, Blackwater is dropping CS gas ON American soldiers in crowded Iraqi streets- TO CLEAR TRAFFIC for their own trucks. Blackwater has pulled machine guns on U.S. forces and disarmed them while they are on patrol. Blackwater has murdered Iraqi women and children in unnecessary shooting sprees.

Do you think the bloody handed actions of Bush's private army is making our own troops safer? Hell no! Every innocent family that Blackwater shoots up makes ten other Iraqi families want to kill Americans.

Bush is obviously unfit for the Presidency. It's about time to get our troops out of Iraq completely and let the Iraqis control their own damn country. The best thing any President can do right now is help our country off of the Middle East oil teat. If we move to ethanol, electric, and any number of other alternatives to oil- Guess what happens? The MIDDLE EAST GOES BROKE. Bush, with his oil buddies in Saudi Arabia and his family ties to the Bin Ladins will not dare go against his family tradition of making millions off of murder. He WON'T get us off oil. He won't stop the killing being done, right now to - both Iraqis and Americans by ending the occupation.

He's in Israel, weeping false tears for people he thinks were better off dead, trying to make a historical peace accord in the midst of the pools of blood that spread from his every footprint. This bastard doesn't want peace. He wants Death. And wherever he goes, he spreads it.

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pissed off patricia said...

Now you know why he takes Condi on these trips. He's just too fu*king stupid to go it alone. He's an evil SOB