Jan 10, 2008

Hillary - Why

A post at Hullabaloo was addressing those who cannot understand why Hillary is ahead. People have been blaming the win in NH on the women, on sympathy for the crying vote, and whatever other fancy takes them. Far from being enraged by these people I find myself wondering WHY also...

Watching the election run-up is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. The good news is that votes for Democrats are coming in twice as much as the votes for Republicans. It's a lot harder to steal an election when a big majority is there for the good guys. It was great news when Edwards jumped up a bit this past month. But still, Hillary Clinton maintains a large part of the progressive vote. And there isn't a damn reason why she should.

Some at Hullaballoo would tell you that it's because "she's willing to listen to voters. Or that she knows what she's talking about on a myriad of issues" - Okay, not exactly something Clinton monopolizes, but I'll concur with that...
then they go on to say that: "Or that voters actually do care about these issues and care that someone has thought them through and can be articulate and organized in discussing them" - and "Or that voters weighed what Clinton proposed and concluded they were pretty good ideas, and that she made a better case than her rivals."

That's where I've got to say : BULLSHIT.

Clinton on healthcare? Maybe. Clinton on Iraq, war with Iran, wiretapping, constitutional rights, Gitmo and the Economy? Bullshit, bullshit,bullshit, bullshit, and a steaming pile of ... more bullshit. Edwards has her beaten, hands down, on all of these issues.

Hillary hasn't done much as a "liberal" Senator. She hasn't taken a stand on Bush and Cheney, she hasn't stood against the war, and she is way too much of a insider for me to want her to have anything to do with a role as a President that will actually CHANGE ANYTHING.

Obama, even less, the Rock Star of Pandering and posing.
The biggest factor in the voters reasoning, that these same liberals (and me) bitched about in 2004- that they seem to have forgotten in this election - is that A LOT OF AMERICANS ARE IN FACT POPULARITY WORSHIPPING FOOLS.
After EVERYTHING that we've witnessed the past seven years, I see my fellow progressives propping up these two hollow candidates as our candidate for President and I wonder WHY?WHY?WHY?
The facts bear this out - Hillary is not the most Progressive candidate out there. She is pro-status quo and pro-establishment. She, (or Obama) will gladly take your vote to the whitehouse and then do nothing with it, except start appointing cronies, which, admittedly will be better than those bottom of the barrel bush cronies.
Even Republicans don't get it. They hate Hillary, but understand she's the closest thing to a neocon we've got. If Liberals are so pissed, why are they appointing someone who's been so lackluster on the issues while a Senator? They don't mind, though, even though they hate the Clintons, they recognize one of their own on the real issues, wink,wink, nudge nudge.
So maybe people ARE grasping for straws at why anyone is supporting her for President.
Because for the life of me, I cannot figure it out.

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