Jan 31, 2007

Cheerleaders not journalists

And today's False controversy rages on-

Right Wing Bloggers continue to rage about "Jamil Hussein" - An Iraqi police officer who dared report some Iraqis being killed in sectarian violence.

Those idiots claimed first that the AP was lying. They claimed that there was no sectarian violence, that there is no civil war, and hey- there's not even an Iraqi police officer who reported such a thing. He doesn't exist, they said, foaming at the mouths.

They were wrong.

Now, after being proved wrong again and again, and (rubbing my throbbing temple) again- they now are threatening to reveal the true name of the Iraqi police officer, who, (throb) they said didn't Exist in the first place!

Ta-Da! (or Ta-DUH?) What the fuck is wrong with these people?

So Now, since they have LOST the argument, Fuck it- they will pronounce a death sentence on the Iraqi Police officer for daring to do his job and report on the violence. Actually, I think the crime in their tiny little minds is that an Iraqi dared to speak to the press about it.

The military tried to protect the Iraqi police officer (and simultaneously downplay the violence) by pretending he didn't exist. The AP was pretty much quiet about it, too, at first.

But the Right wing bloggers didn't stop there. No, I imagine they thought that images of Iraqis being burned alive would bring back an influx of burning monk media from VietNam. And in their backwards mindset, THAT is what lost the war in VietNam.

So they forced the AP to give more details, calling the AP liars, over and over. Why? Cause the US military said so! And they NEVER, EVER lie to the American public do they?

So now- the AP came down on the military to back up their story and the Military had to admit they had lied initially. Thus, the RIGHT WING BLOGGERS have JUST undermined the credibility of the U.S. Military and proven the AP is more reliable for news of what is happening in Iraq than the military (which, of course, to any Sane American, is a given).

Is your head pounding yet with the absurdity of these fucking losers? But wait- There's more!

Now, they have been proven WRONG. And proven wrong in quite a dramatic fashion after all their hysterics and elaborate accusations of lying.

So what do you think you would do, after screwing up so badly? Crawl under your bed, shut off your pc, and stop blogging?

No, that's defeatist rhetoric you liberal truthlovers! No, what you do is- you out the fucker that embarrassed you, with some inside military information that you got anonymously.

And like a commenter noted on Jesus General- It might be the right name of "Jamil Hussein", and it might not. If it is, you have successfully issued a death sentence on this man and his family. If it isn't you have successfully issued a death sentence on the wrong man and his family.

Why? Well, uh, because left wing bloggers outed a bunch of Republicans as closet fags, that's why!!

And, to one of these cowardly right wing bloggers, who cares? They are just goddamn Iraqis, after all? Fuck em! Woo hoo! And in their minds, a few more Iraqis will be shut up about the horrific mess their country has been made into by the U.S. And maybe Iraq can more quietly self destruct while their heroes loot the country and empower Iran. And more American soldiers can be shot and blown up on roadsides so that Oil contracts can be safely procured.

These right wingers don't give a damn. They are masturbating furiously to Red Dawn about Americans blowing up shit and kicking ass- not realizing that in Iraq- We are the Invaders and the insurgents are the Wolverines.

And the fact is that this one story that these single minded bastards clutch at, about Jamil Hussein- the story that you will have to pry out of their cold, dead hands is JUST ONE STORY.

Out of thousands of stories of bloodshed and murder, it's just one. Every single day hundreds of people die in Iraq, some of them Americans. The lunatics on the right wing can't refute the other stories, and in the end, they can't EVEN REFUTE this one sad, evil act of civil war in a country destroyed by America.

The United States hasn't struck a blow against terror. It has created an ENTIRE NATION Of Terrorists. It has taken away Iran's biggest enemy. It has guaranteed decades of terrorists to come.

All with the help of these right wing fanatics that desperately want to live out their "manhood" vicariously through a glorious war that they don't have to take part in, except, like their President, as goddamn cheerleaders on the sidelines.

Thank you bastards so much.

Background on this story: (as if you hadn't heard of it already)


the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole said...

Rock fucking on.

My new hobby has been visiting Wingnuttia and either getting banned or, if they haven't even that basic wit, running them off their own blog because they can't handle reason. Better than TV.
Know any good ones that allow moonbats and don't threaten to kill us more than, say, twice a thread?

Ziem said...

"...When you trust your television
What you get is what you got
‘Cuz’ when they own the information ooohhh,
They can bend it all they want ..."
John Mayer

Hey rev, try these:
this guy may ban and threaten:

Dana won't ban, but he is good for a laugh:

Aileron is an idiot, you should have a great time in there.

caveman said...

Hey Rev..my job is to go to your places and get banned...wow we are friends huh?.This blog is about like the ones about American facist has killed more people then Saddam in Iraq..like 300000 people..or something like you leftist think Hamas and Hezbella are really good people and believe them over the Jews in a war...when they (Hamas and Hezbulla) killed Americans..still wondering which side ya on?

Caveman said...

Exxon Mobil Sets Record for Annual U.S. Company Profit, at $39.5 Billion

Fade said...

Yes, Caveman, YES! Americans are overpaying for GAS Woo-Hoo! E-X-O! E-X-O!

The wheel's turning, but the hamster's definitely dead.

What kind of guy cheers Gas Profits? That's the secret to just who Cavey is and what he serves. And it's obvious that it's not America. Maybe Cavey is Bandar bin Bush Baboso?

Fade said...

Uh, How many Americans has Hezbollah killed? How many Americans has Mossad killed? How many american women have been run over with Bulldozers by Hamas?

Why were those Mossad agents released? Why aren't they in Gitmo being waterboarded now. Life is simple for a right wanger. For those of us who want to know why investigations surrounding Atta were discontinued by Bush admin officials prior to 9-11, life gets a little more complex.


caveman said...

You know I cheered when that Bulldozer ran over a house that supports terror and flattens anyone that supports terror...yeeeeaaa..ohhh my your into the weee..ooooo..and your tinfoil hat is slipping on slowly...BUAHAHAHAHAH..fade keep up the good work this superbowl all my friends are comming over I want them to see your blog.
Can you tell me where Atta is?

Fade said...

Yeah, Rumsfeld probably has what's left of his skull on his damn desk with all of his other 9-11 souvenirs. Too bad they didn't kill him when they had the chance BEFORE he flew his planes into the trade center.

But then you boys wouldn't have any good reason to beat your monkey chests and chant USA as you drape yourselves in the American flag while you walk all over the damn constitution, now would ya?

Why don't you numbnuts do the rest of the country a favor. Glue yourselves in front of the Superbowl, American Idol and Fox News and leave everything else up to us, mkay?

Well, actually most of you already did- and thats why Democrats control Congress now. So, ya'll wave flags and take shots while you brag about shooting sand niggers. Let the adults handle everything else.

caveman said...

BUAHAHAHAHA..Adults?..you Libs wine cry about everything known to man..haaaabuabababa..good Lord...A dead terrorist is good ..but to you what is it?..

Old Broad said...

Fade, NEVER ban Caveman. He is the POSTER BOY for your arguments. SERIOUSLY.

Fade said...

Hold that thought- I am Reading right now that Republicans are joining with Democrats to block the "surge".

The minority of Bush supporters and Iraq war supporters is getting smaller, and smaller. You've shot your wad, bud. Now its time to tuck that limp thing away and hibernate in that cave.

the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole said...

Yes, Fade, you must keep him. We'll pretend the leftwing sites ban freepers, and Wingnuttia doesn't ban us.
But don't force spellcheck on him. Please.

And remember everyone, be nice to caveman.
We evolved from him.

caveman said...

ahhh how kind you all are..broad has banned me already..why..she cant handle the truth..buhahahah..Fade..now now we already have a troop surge in Iraq..and?..you want to surrender..normal..

hey Hole..one thing libs do when you run out of things to say is...spellcheck..you see I work ..you dont..plus where is your blog???..I want to come and visit...

the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole said...

Sorry to disappoint; I work and don't have time for a blog.
I mentioned spellcheck because it aids those who need the help to appear edumacated.
Where's your blog?
As if, being a wingnut, you'd allow contrary comments.

Caveman said...

Sorry hole..but you dont look hard enough..but since you are a terrorist supporter ..are you sure you would want to see my site?

the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole said...

There it is; caveman's itch being scratched.
I like how your friends itch to hang anyone they like.
Let Freedom ring, huh?