Jan 4, 2007

Republican Regrouping

Day the Death Star Died

It's a bad day for Republicans. I wish I had some Youtube of Rangel kicking Cheney out of his office today... Go Cheney Yourself

Congratulations to the Rebels who have defeated the Empire, castrated the Emperor, and maimed the Death Star machine of the Republican Congress.


caveman said...

and I cant wait to see every ones faces when Rangle starts the draft up again..BUAHAHAHAHAHA

Fade said...

Do you want the draft or not?
If you want unending wars, you're going to have to get behind the draft.

caveman said...

BUAHAHAHAHHA ..now your for the draft your a trip

navyswan said...

No one is going to reenstate the draft b/c then the rich elite may find themselves in the line of fire. Of course, cavey will believe just about anything. Dumbass.

caveman said...

weird if you ask me but Rangle did say he wanted the draft. Hey maybe they will draft your cats to? now now..no cussing and calling me names swan your making caveman very sad