Jan 4, 2007

Infected America

In the What-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-these-people department, here's a story of one blogger taking on Big Media and the hate radio they sponsor...
Kos story

It's good to see individual Americans making a difference against Big Media. America has been infected by an rising number of bloodthirsty, dishonorable, sick bastards. For me to point this out DOES NOT Mean that I am weak. It means that I am strong enough to stand up against the sick people among us.

It DOES NOT mean that I haven't got the balls to "do what needs to be done". Killing first, blundering mindlessly into foreign countries with our guns blazing, is not an act of testicular fortitude. It is cowardly and ignorant. And looking around the middle east and the U.S. today, it is fairly obvious that this attitude has become a complete failure in dealing with Iraq. Did having Hitler make Germany more powerful? Did having Stalin make Russia invincible? For the briefest of moments, Hitler's kill everyone-but-us mentality brought them glory. For a little bit longer, Stalin's brand of fascist overlord rule gave them the appearance of strength.

But it was all an illusion, wasn't it? Hated, reviled, discredited... History now relegates these men, once loved by large groups of their countrymen, to the pile labeled monsters and madmen. To these men, the end justified the means. Surely this could not be further from the truth. Because the "end" that they foresaw was corrupted by the means itself.

The MEANS is all. It is not only how other countries see the United States of America, but it is also how we see ourselves. When I look and see, listen and hear American men and women on radio and television endorsing the worst kind of inhumanity, I see a weakened country. I see a sickness infecting our country, a disease that must be treated lest it spread. And it is not the righteous tone that is taken by these sick bastards that bothers me. It is the utter glee with which they speak when they fantasize graphically of stomping other Americans to death for their opinions, or hanging journalists they disagree with.

Fantasizing about killing people in the most painful ways imaginable is NOT healthy. It is the sign of a sick mind. It is a sign of psychotic imbalance. Someone whose mind, unhinged, races along these bloody roads cannot be reasoned with. They have lost their humanity, even if only momentarily. They have lost their ability to logically assess situations and make sane decisions.

This is Weakness. This is fallibility. This is a mental disorder that is keeping many Americans from being able to connect the dots- to put the facts together. They have lost their ability to comprehend what is going on. And so, I watch, horrified- as the men who are in control blindly and stupidly make mistake after mistake. Unable to grasp the reality of what he has done, President Bush continues to make the wrong decisions. Emotionally locked into his paranoid world view- he keeps lashing out. And his robotic followers, the acolytes of his cult of confusion, increasingly want to kill not only the enemy but also their own countrymen who are trying to wipe the fog from their minds.

When will it stop? Most of America understands that a temporary troop surge of 20,000 men just means 20,000 more targets in Iraq. Most of America understands that another 1500 American soldiers will die this year as Bush tries to hold onto the oil fields of Iraq. Most of America sees the dollar falling, the Euro rising, and even Bush's steadfast arab allies (Saudi Arabia) abandoning him, moving their investments from U.S. treasuries to European ones.

But as we are churning in quicksand, struggling to get ourselves out of the mire we are held down by the few sick bastards that are standing on our shoulders.

We will only rise when we can pull back the curtain on this illness and reveal to our fellow Americans that these hate-mongers are cancerous tumors on our society. We have to stop feeding the cancer. IT WILL take all of us working together to reach out to our neighbors and families and make them understand. It will take boycotts and expose's of the sick media talk show hosts and their murderous insanity.

We can make a difference. We already have, by the historical Democrat victory made in November, even though a majority of Americans are not in line with the actual Democratic party right now. Voting was and is important, but there is so much more to be done. Help prop up the spines of your representatives- Make sure they understand that they WILL lose their jobs (apparently the only thing most of them care about) if they do NOT help "wipe the fog" from Bush's mind. Impeachment or not- It is time to re-deploy out of a failed endeavor in Iraq. It will take the strongest Americans to defeat the corporations, the incumbents, the military-industrial complex and the neocon movement.

Find your strength. Find your honor. Find your red-blooded American sense of duty. It is time for the will of the people to be heard.


Deacon Barry said...

I've just posted about this story too. How are these people able to get away with talk like this? Usually, some presenter makes a slip up and says something he or she shouldn't. The press latch on to it, the presenter issues a statement of 'regret', and now the weather...
Here it seems to be institutionalised wingnut hate speech - and nobody is clamping down on it? So showing a nipple on TV is worse than fantasising on radio about assassinating the Speaker? Sheesh!

navyswan said...

"When I look and see, listen and hear American men and women on radio and television endorsing the worst kind of inhumanity, I see a weakened country. I see a sickness infecting our country, a disease that must be treated lest it spread."

I have been saying this for a while now. It really does seem like a sickness. I don't see it getting much better either. It is quite frightening.