Jan 11, 2007

Winning battles, losing wars

Bush just can't help himself. And if the Democrats don't stand up to him NOW and emasculate this fool, thousands more Americans (not to mention tens of thousands of Iraqis) will die.

Usually, I would cull information from 4 0r 5 different sources to show what military folks are saying that directly contradicts the President. But, today, ONE Solitary article from MSNBC today says it all. Holy cow- Even the mainstream media is FINALLY getting it right.


Bush- "Even if our new strategy works exactly as planned, deadly acts of violence will continue -- and we must expect more Iraqi and American casualties."
The last time the U.S. military fought both Sunni and Shiite elements in Iraq was the spring of 2004, which became one of the most difficult times in the war. U.S. commanders were stunned to face a two-front conflict against Sunni insurgents in Anbar province and Shiites in Baghdad and across a broad swath of south-central Iraq. Troops from the Army's 1st Cavalry Division fighting in Sadr's stronghold of about 2 million Shiites in eastern Baghdad became enmeshed in a series of clashes resembling the movie "Black Hawk Down." Sadr's militias besieged isolated U.S. patrols and took over police stations, schools and municipal buildings.

An Army officer who recently commanded a battalion in Baghdad predicted last night that the plan would fail because Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and his government "will do things to maintain protection" of Sadr's forces. He also dismissed as "happy talk" the president's notion that the predominantly Shiite Iraqi army and police could reassure pro-insurgent Sunni neighborhoods by conducting foot patrols through them.

Bush said it is now clear that there have not been sufficient troops in Baghdad, and that part of the difference in this approach is that the plan will be adequately resourced. Yet the total number of U.S. troops in Iraq after the planned increase will be about 153,000, less than the peak of about 165,000 in December 2005. Military experts last night wondered, as one said, how a "thin green line" of 17,500 additional soldiers in Baghdad could affect the security situation in a city where many of the 5 million residents are hostile to the U.S. presence. "Too little, too late -- way too late," said retired Col. Jerry Durrant, who has worked as a trainer of Iraqi forces.
"The 'surge' is actually quite small," said retired Army Col. Andrew Bacevich, who compared it with the 206,000 additional troops that Gen. William Westmoreland requested in Vietnam in 1968. "In effect, Bush is counting on the Iraqis to pull our bacon out of the fire," Bacevich said, adding that there is no evidence that the Iraqi military and government are capable of doing so.

Democrats won across the board in record election results for several reasons- one of which was that the American people want our troops out of Iraq. President Bush is deadset on continuing to destabilize the region by keeping our troops in harms way, stirring up the hornets' nest. His goal is simple- chaos. He is trying to buy time until we can secure the oil rights and 30 year contracts on Iraqi oil. Unfortunately, this twit is ignoring EVERYTHING else as he focuses on his one goal.

Saudis are now trading in their dollars for Euros. Iran, emboldened by the U.S. quagmire in Iraq, presses forward with their Oil Bourse, dealing exclusively in Euros. We won a battle only to lose the war. President Bush's actions have cut the throat of the American dollar, long tied to oil as its currency standard. It Was about the oil, but more than that- it was about U.S. maintaining the dollar as supreme currency when dealing with oil. Now, it will take more U.S. dollars to buy EVERYTHING, even if we do manage to control the Oil fields of Iraq. ( A BIG IF).

It is time for President Bush to be taken out of power. If we cannot impeach him, then I pray that the Democrat majority, along with a few sane Republicans (who might want to hang on to their jobs in future elections) can totally render this utterly incompetent president impotent for the remainder of his "rule".

Sic Temper Tyrannis

Update: Arthur Silber has more about the Oil

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