Jan 10, 2007

Waste... What's conservative about it?

Okay, well I guess I was just locked out of blogger for yesterday. So, I posted on the Old House of the Rising Sons ...

The subject of that one still blows my mind - $1 million dollars spent for each of the 500,000 Iraqis that have died. Come on, Cavey- We CAN agree that's a waste, can't we? Can we agree that spending that much moneyis outrageous? Hang a war profiteer- distribute their earnings from Iraq to both the families of our casualties here and doing something real for Iraq after we get the hell out of there.

Damn. What a monumental waste. Here' something a little lighter for your hump day:

First 100 hours of the IslamoCongress from George Bush is my friend


Old Broad said...

Hang a war profiteer. WOW! What a great idea!!!! How about Halliburton as a starting point? I swear, I did NOT know about those figures. Absolutely astonishing.
Sorry I was away so long. But now I'm back. (The former Hill here).

caveman said...

Hey..gezzz..are ya talking about the 500000 people that Saddam and terrorist are killing?..im confused