Jan 29, 2007


Our Little Churchills

The greatest of world leaders never sought to stifle free speech or stop debate about wars that raged during their tenures.

Greenwald does his homework, as always, and points out why EXACTLY the Brit Humes, the Bill Kristols, and the other members of the "Shut up! Shut up!" crowd are wrong, again.

Being silent AT THIS TIME is not patriotic. It's servile and treasonous. Beaten dogs cringe and cower at their oppressor's feet. A real American stands proud and speaks his mind. A real American doesn't turn the other cheek but fights back when he sees his country being mismanaged and his country being hijacked.

Churchill, Lincoln, and Greenwald, for that matter say it much better than I could ever hope to.

Our Little Churchills

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Old Broad said...

AGAIN. You nailed it.
We will NOT be silent. Never again.