Jan 23, 2007

Of rats and retainers.

The house, the house, the house is on fire.

Burn motherfucker.



One by fucking one. Til all these pestilential rats are gone from our government.

I DO consider the American ideal and our Constitution as sacred. There are very few things that I hold sacred. And I have been twisted this way and that for the past few years by the actions of these mealy-mouthed lying bastards in government.

I have been at turns, incredibly angry, horribly sad, and ultimately just sickened at what these absolute immoral, unpatriotic TRAITORS have done to our country, to our laws, to our freedoms, and mainly to our people.

I have listened, argued, and fumed at the stupid weaklings who think that our President is somehow more important than our Constitution. I have watched these mindless cunts worship blindly at the altar of Republican fascism. I have held each new injustice committed by the "men" who are in the "leadership" of our country close to my heart- I have let their evil, treasonous actions smolder in my American breast while I worked toward making more people aware of the awful truth about our President's men.

Today, I see them, once again turning on each other. Fitzgerald is putting on the heat, but he needs the support of not only our New Democratic leadership in Congress, but also the support of the American people. Make your Reps know in no uncertain terms that you support FULL INVESTIGATIONS and CRIMINAL PROSECUTION for these armchair Generals who have committed crime after crime against our Country, against our Military, and against our people, all in order to make themselves richer.

Support the Death Penalty for War Profiteers and War Criminals.

If we, as a country, are to prevent such immense misuse of our entire Nation's Government and resources in the future- we have to punish the men who are responsible as fully as possible.

There are 3,000 American families who don't have their children because these bastards wanted to make a fast buck by stealing Saddam's oil. But they fucked that up, didn't they?

Apparently the ONLY DAMN THING that these crooks are good at is hiding what they have been doing. Everything else is just a supreme fuck up, from not protecting America from terrorists to not rescuing an American city from natural disaster to ruining the value of the U.S. Dollar. It's just one amazing blunder after another. It's time for REAL Investigations.

The lives of 3,000 American servicemen are worth that much, right?


Old Broad said...

Not ONE life is worth that. Not ONE.
Damn, Fade, you just keep getting better and better.
This is one damn fine post.

Frederick said...

All for their own personal gain. All for the sake of power. Just to make a fucking mockery of the ideal of public service.

caveman said...

and a nuke in your back yard..Cheer on the US men fighting the war..dont run and support the bad guys...hey im back

Fade said...

Caveman, do you EVER get tired of being down on your knees in front of that goddamn Connecticut Yankee?

Nukes? Bush guaranteed North Korea and Iran would get Nukes when he pulled his bs adventure "Here I am to save the day" in Iraq. And even before that, they laid the foundations for a Nuclear Middle East when Every President, including Clinton turned a blind eye to Israel's nuclear program. So theres your fucking nukes. If you think Cheney is a Good guy, you must be confusing your black and white cowboy hats again. I know its sort of complicated- but let me break it down for ya on the next post...

Free the People said...

Who the f$#% is running our country? I don't believe anything that the so called free press produces anymore.

Could one even think that a country the size of the United States could be manipulated by a country of 4 million people. It's ludicrois? Yet it is happening. The Zionists are the real axis of evil.