Jan 19, 2007

Undead Politicians...

Deconstructing McCain.

Is he the biggest Republican contender for the next Presidential elections? God, I hope so.

SusanUnPc from No Quarter has a good round up of exactly why McCain is worthless and impotent and will continue to be so.

The McCain Myth

He's taking in the worst of the neocon advisors that have been abandoned by anyone with any common sense. And he's beginning to adopt Bush's deer-in-the-headlights stare.

"Must-be-President! Must-be-strong-on-Iraq. More Troops! More troops" he mumbles as he shuffles detachedly in circles.

Another Zombified politician for a zombified Republican constituency. McCain still has some liberals and moderates fooled. Don't be one of them. He's just another incumbent who once had some backbone and something important to say. But his time in Washington has reduced him to a simple shell, with no soul within. His sole interest lies, like Lieberman, in simply holding on to his position, with no real thoughts for anything else. He will say anything, he will do anything, if he thinks it will keep him knee deep in lobbyist and donor contributions. He will accept any insult from President Bush, and then rush in for a pat on the head.

America isn't satisfied with the status quo at this point. At one time, we truly seemed to want politicians who did nothing, and were powerless by default. Not anymore. The time for loud talking Senators who can't muster the guts to act- (if there was such a time) is over.

Limp, ineffectual, two-faced bastards are being culled from the governmental herd. McCain is no "Maverick". He's the old bull grazing outside the herd, hoping that when the herd starts to move he'll be, somehow, in the lead by trying to stay out of the way. Not very likely. And if in some odd circumstance he ends up at the front, he'll soon be overtaken as his inability to make decisions and his fear of disapproval shadow his every move.

UPDATE: Move On's ad concerning McCain Here at Bob Geiger.com


caveman said...

umm hows the global warming ?

Old Broad said...

Yeah, McCain's "Maverick" days are about as convincing as Tom Cruise.
BTW, sorry I haven't been by in a few. No internet access as we have gone through an ICE STORM from hell.
Good post!!

Ziem said...

I always thought McCain was the lesser of the evils. Then, when the ex-pow, bent to gw's will (and willie) over allowing torture in the GC, he looked like nothing more than a gw clone. I hope he does run. That'll be a shoe-in for a democrat, and we all know which side of that fence has the truly sane and rational.