Jan 12, 2007

The Good News of the Day

EXXON backs off attacking Global Warming, accepts the scientific data (finally).

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Ah, it's a brave new world with Democrats running the show now. One by one, the corporate polluters who have been using backroom deal lobbyists to buy off the Republican party are realizing they can't buy the Democratic party. And they are having to face this simple fact:

Global Warming is real.

(And by the way, Cigarettes cause cancer). duh.

I swear, every time I looked up, George Bush was appointing yet another Energy Industry crony to a position of "conservation" and the raping of America's woodlands, wetlands, national parks, and waterways would begin.

It seemed as if he was dead set on making America one big crater, strip mining our country for immediate profits. Ahh, accountability is like a breath of fresh air. And everyone of you misguided people out there that BELIEVE that Corporate America has got America's best interests at heart- most likely has never worked for a corporation before...

But if you still want to believe that Bush and the Corporate Robber barons are good for America, I can set you up with the perfect date - Larry Kudlow, with corporate sunshine beaming up his closeted gay ass. And you two can skip to my lou down to wallstreet and masturbate over the Glorious rising Dow and cry together that Dubya is so misunderstood.

I'll even send you a couple pairs of rose-colored sunglasses.

Bonus : Olbermann: American Patriot: Video
or as I like to call it, COMMON SENSE: It's whats for dinner.


Caveman said...

Global warming is bullshit..its a game you leftest wnat to play..blame America..shit its frezzing here in the desert

Fade said...

haha and Winter's over in parts of Canada IN THE FIRST WEEK OF JAN. Look, let's agree that our areas of expertise are in different fields. I won't bore you with tales of thousands of scientists that have study after study that show that Global warming is real. I won't explain those crazy little details like Extreme weather variations, both Hot AND COLD, and you can stop explaining.. uh.. hang on... You know, I am going to have to go back to the archives on this one. I cant remember the last time you made a valid statement and backed it up with facts ever. Maybe when you were discussing beer or somethin'

Anonymous said...

Wow, I pop by and a resident of El Paso is arguing with a resident of Lubbock (both places I've lived incidentally). (At least I think that it's the Caveman that we all know and love.)

Anyway, we're getting the weather variations out here on the Left Coast as well. Bloody well freezing my cojones out here.

caveman said...

Fade its all a Liberal plot ya know.hahah..dam like Kvatch said its freaking cold down here..and your getting snow tonight..you global warming blame it on Bush leftest :)

Ohhh and please let me know why our planet warms up every 1000 of years?...shit cant blame that on Bush..hahah
While I was taken college classes..couple years ago I asked my Geologist teacher about Global warming..said it was a bunch of political shit...hahahah...he rules

caveman said...


A cold snap hit the Southland amid forecasts of record or near-record low temperatures Friday and Saturday night in metropolitan, coastal and valley areas of Los Angeles County.

They are making snowmen in southern Cail dam Global warming


caveman said...

Ohh Fade got a little bitch for ya...I like your style why?...you believe in what you say..and you dont ban caveman..that is what I call a man...if you ban someone .. then you cant take the comments..and you dont beleive in what your blog is about...anyone can go to my blog and shit spit and yak all they want ..but I beleive in what I say so i am confident in what I feel...as you are in blog...we dont agree..thats for sure..but we could have a beer and bitch...ohhhh and it has to be a Shiners

Old Broad said...

Accountability - what an awesome word. Hasn't been used in 6 years now. Will be WONDERFUL to finally see it in action again. It will be reborn, revived, and reinvigorated.

Fade said...

Shiner? Drinkable. Not the end-all be-all that some of my "Austin is Paradise" friends say that it is, but it'll work. I am a simple Bud light guy, although I did splurge on some "speckled hen" english ale or some shit this weekend along with a big bottle of Angry Bastard Ale.

navyswan said...

Ahh. Global warming. Like most scientific terminology, misunderstood by the masses. It does not mean that all weather everywhere will be "warmer" all the time. The term refers to the overall average temperature of the planet as a whole. As a whole, the earth has been warming. It may be freezing in Texas right now, but that does not change the fact that the temperature of the planet has risen. Plus, global warming will mean wild weather fluctuations in general, not just heat waves. That is the common misunderstanding of the scientific meaning behind global warming. That is why a lot of scientists have been moving more to the term, "global climate change". That is a little more accurate of a description for the people with no scientific knowledge.

And, caveman, just because your geology professor/gym teacher told you that global warming isn't real doesn't make it so. The geology professor here in SC says it is real. But, should we listen to either geology professor? No! Their specialty is rocks (or as we call it here, "rocks for jocks", as most of the students are football players looking for an easy A). I personally would get the opinion of a scientist specializing in climatology or a related field.