Jan 30, 2007

Fed up with Right Wing Terrorist Supporters

"Do you want to win this war, or not" they ask, as if they have a fucking clue to what "winning" entails.

Those who think in broad slashes of black and white are missing the fucking point, as always.

Which war are you blithering morons speaking of?

The War in Iraq is over, at least the U.S.'s part in it. Bush's "surge" is a cruel joke foisted on the soldiers forced to play his pawns.

Or are you talking about The War on Terror? TO Protect the US we need to protect our borders and end the Root CAUSES of terror- not flail about at the end results. You kill it by removing its head, not slicing off toes.

You want to Win In Iraq? It cannot be done at this point. Not without realistic goals to be achieved. You have been HAD. Our current President and his non-military advisers have prevented any chance we had of winning PURPOSELY by raping the country and selling out our OWN TREASURY to their War Profiteer buddies. They wanted Iraq to be a miserable failure so they could get their grimy little hands on the oil.

Think, people THINK.

How could the most powerful country in the world fuck up in a little Podunk country like Iraq that NEVER EVER was a threat? It is because the Neocons NEVER wanted to give Iraq Democracy at all. The goal has been to simply destroy Iraq and steal the oil from day one. They weren't going to trade Saddam Hussein, who was actually IN Their pocket- for a DEMOCRACY.

What are you- fucking retarded? Saddam was taking too big a cut, making too much. So in a page out of the corporate playbook, they eliminated the middle man, much like Bush's pro-corporate stance kills small business in America.

And while they were doing it, they decided the best way to maintain control over the oil was by leveling the whole country while pretending to rebuild it. Then they insert a few puppets here and there to hold some semblance of order and begin looting. It's classic big business. And the cost to America for their Games?

- Thousands of American Servicemen and Women dead.
- Billions of U.S. funds funnelled into the Military Industrial Complex.
- Tens of thousands of our soldiers crippled and maimed and unable to serve any longer.
- Our Country's good name has been dragged in the mud with torture and murder and mayhem by these bloody entrepeneurs.
- Terrorist activity is UP 1000% percent globally.
- America Is NOW the most reviled country on the planet.
- The rich are getting richer and the American middle class is getting poorer.
- Healthcare costs are shooting through the roof and our nation is bankrupt.

And STILL you don't get it. Still you cheerlead ignorantly for these corporate shills and backroom dealing TRAITORS.

It's YOU who supports Terror. It's you who IS A TRAITOR To the American way. By bending over and smiling For Big Dick Cheney everytime he snaps his fingers. YOU and stupid ass Americans like YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for the deaths of our military men, the weakening of our country's security, the looting of our own country's treasury, and the dismantling of the constitutions' protections.

You and those like you MAKE ME SICK. How much more do we have to show you before you get it? You CAN'T be this stupid. Which means you are willingly aiding and abetting terrorism by supporting the liars in our government.

You belong in a cave alright, right next to Osama and the other clueless zealots who have hurt their own countries with their stupidity, arrogance and willingness to commit murder.

Real Americans will render your kind impotent though. Be aware of that. Your cheerleading days are over, you terrorist-supporters. You warhawks have done enough to hurt our country.


caveman said...

So you want us to lose? right?

Ziem said...

Awesome Fade!! Well said.
They, of course will never understand "truth" and crimes in their name, but their numbers are falling and in that, we now have a system of checks and balances in place. Now, we hold our breath and hope for the best.

the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole said...

Cheney/BinLaden '08.

Old Broad said...

Fade, you rock!