Jan 25, 2007

The South Rising - and continuing the 50 state agenda

Recently, on Crooks and Liars, there was a post concerning the Democratic party winning big in 2008 by abandoning the "Red States" in the South.
Do The Democrats need the South in 2008?

My comment on that thread:

Please put away the microscope and look at the bigger picture. Yes, to elect a President, the Democratic party WILL need the South. Suhprise.Suhprise.

The good news is that a LOT of southerners are not the dumbass hicks you might believe we are. And we really do understand how bad Bush has screwed the pooch. And we want to change things badly.The bad news is that a lot of my fellow southerners equate Democrats with weakness on security and Liberals with evil atheists. But that's only because they are forcefed that shit by the msm. When more men like Webb, Feingold, and Edwards get out and spread the real gospel of the Democratic party (i.e. working for the common man) the South will rise up for the Democratic party.

Someone bamboozled all these farmers and blue collar workers into thinking that if they supported the Republican party that it would turn them into millionaires. They are slowly coming around.

Please, oh please don't turn your backs on us now. Not while some of us are imbedded combatants fighting every day to change our fellows' perceptions.

And let's not throw out the very real gains from Howard Dean's 50 state strategy as well. As much as some of the northerners would like to label the South bad and write it off, it's not a strategy that's going to win elections.

Sundog, on the same thread, has this to say about it:

Interesting election game plan, - one with a great deal of Northern stereo typing - , but let's not throw the 50 state strategy out with the bath water. The 50 state strategy gives the Democratic Party legitimacy. It shows that we progressives are willing to give the fight in the most socially conservative of voting districts, both North and South. Many voters in the South vote Republican out of ignorance or think the Democratic Party doesn't care about them. There are many minorities here and there are many pockets of rural poverty. In the past, it was frustrating for hard working progressives who knew the true nature of the political battles in the South not to get the needed support from the main party. Dean's 50 state strategy is the way to go forward. It is positive and truly American.
sundog 01.24.07 - 6:39 pm

Fallenmonk Compassionate Conservatism Shines posted about the Republicans killing the Minimum wage bill- which, is another nail they have hammered into their own coffin. If they were trying to still push the illusion that Republicans are a party of the common man, they are failing miserably.

Here's a comment that I made there, and I think it gives us the solution to Saving the South:

We need to keep pushing the truth that the Republican party IS The party of the elite, not the common man. That misconception that Democrats are elites has cost the Democratic party the red states that it once championed (including my own Texas).

Another myth to dispel is the illusion pushed on CNBC and by numerous Repub party hacks that Republicans support small business. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Republican Party supports Big Business and Big business kills small business. Period.

I think that if the Dems can pick up on these two small yet VERY Important facts, that we can take back a big portion of the Red States who have been lied to, over and over by the Republican party.

Divide and Conquer has worked big for the Republican party in the past. Don't let your knee jerk emotions dictate the future of the country. The South is full of damn good people. Don't divide us further. This IS ABOUT AMERICA. This is about us all. Blue collar workers are suffering right now under the elitist Corporate CEO mentality that the country is being run under. That means the people of the South as well as the people in the North and on the coasts. We need to keep on the 50 state strategy and we will persevere.

Send these thoughts to the Democratic leadership, through your various channels. Let your Reps know that the American people want them to speak out against the Republican alliance with Corporate interests. Tell them we want them to ask the public these questions:
Where have All the Small businesses gone under the Supreme Republican Leadership?
Why is there a chinese supplied Wal-Mart in every major city?
Why are corporations making record profits while tens of thousands of small businesses go belly up?

It's not rocket science. Take away all the Corporate Tax shelters and cuts and benefits from this administration and Small Businesses might have a fighting chance against Big Business.

It's time for Americans to realize: Supporting the Republican Party means DOOMING small businesses. And it has been for years. Wake the hell up. In the Perfect Larry Kudlow America- Corporations own everything and individuals own nothing except their social security investment accounts (with nothing in them).Corporations Kill Small Business. And Cheney/Bush/Big Oil represent Corporate interest over Americans interest every damn day.

Imagine the common citizenry, in ALL 50 states, supporting morality, decency, fair play, and an equal shake. Imagine a middle class America uniting against the elite war profiteers and oil barons of the Bush Administration.

UPDATE: The History of the South's blue collar's moving towards the Republican party


Old Broad said...

Congratulations!!! You just hit the jackpot. Go check out C&L this morning, you blog Round-Up dude. YES!!
Oh, GREAT post, as usual.
We progressive liberals ARE imbedded combatants here, aren't we?
I am SO glad you're FINALLY getting some of the recognition you so richly deserve. Hang in there.

Frederick said...

Yes, I do believe your code for sitemeter is broken. Great post BTW...

Fernando said...

yew write gud.

One imbed to another Texan.

busker said...

The good news is that a LOT of southerners are not the dumbass hicks you might believe we are.

I'm a pasty white NYC-born northerner and I've been trying to get some of my ivory tower friends to understand this for years. Stereotyping southerners as uneducated racist rednecks is as ignorant as stereotyping northerners as chardonnay-swilling, baby-killing eliteists. Six of one, half a dozen of the other, and the more we accept this stuff, the more polarized and unable to bring the government to heel we remain. It's divide and conquer, alright, and both sides of the political debate fall into that trap. I guess everybody, regardless of political affiliation, is quick to believe they're objectively "superior" to the opposition.

Your argument applies to Christians too. They ain't all Jerry Falwell, after all. Some Christians even try to live the Sermon on the Mount; you know, all that stuff about removing motes from one's own eye, how to recognize a bad tree, and not judging. Many even consider the idea that America is a Christian nation to be idolotrous, worldly, and "sinful." Time to separate the wheat from the chaff in that area as well.

Great post, and BTW, it's past due time to thank you for your kind words you-know-where. Far and away the nicest thing anybody ever said about my online presence.

Keep kickin' it. Your writing has smoke rising from it and puts a fire in my belly, and I ain't just saying that as a quid pro quo thing. I wouldn't.

Caveman said...

Hi Ya alll was wondering if any of you were at the support the terrorist march in Washington?..come on post the pics for caveman..he keeps good ones...yeee haaaa Im a Rebel raceist conservative ..Mexican loving brown ass supporting Christian praying Islamic Phobic ...red neck....ha

Old Broad said...

OMFG!!! IT came back. Did IT read your POST for IT?. Doubtful.

caveman said...

yes the brown hole is back BUAHAHAHA

navyswan said...

No cavey, but I would have gone if I could have. I would have LOVED to have gone and marched on Washington. Go ahead, call me a terrorist. I am done being terrorized by the likes of you cavey boy. I will NOT shy away from what I believe in. Friday I walked proudly down the main street here to the capitol building (where a confederate flag flies) wearing an anti-republican t-shirt. I am not scared of people like you anymore.

Caveman said...

Swan did you take your cats with you?

navyswan said...

Per usual, nothing important to say. Just the same old insane comments from the same old insane person.

caveman said...

then your not scared of me ; )
you never were. But a question to you and all of you..Do you all want America to win this war?..yes or NO..

Fade said...

Dammit, Cavey= you are missing the fucking point, as always. What war? The War in Iraq is over, at least the U.S.'s part in it. The War on Terror? TO Protect the US we need to protect our borders and end the Root CAUSES of terror. Not flail about at the end results. You kill it by removing its head, not slicing off toes.

Want to Win In Iraq? Can't be done. Our current President and his non-military advisers have fucked over any chance we had by simply raping the country and selling out our OWN TREASURY to their War Profiteer buddies. They wanted Iraq to be a miserable failure so they could get their grimy little hands on the oil. Think, man THINK. How could the most powerful country in the world fuck up in a little Podunk country like Iraq that NEVER EVER was a threat? Because they NEVER wanted to give Iraq Democracy at all. They Aren't going to trade Saddam Hussein, who was actually IN Their pocket- for a DEMOCRACY. What are you- fucking retarded? Saddam was taking too big a cut. So they eliminated the middle man. And while they were doing it, they decided the best way to maintain control over the oil was by leveling the whole country while pretending to rebuild it. Then they insert a few puppets here and there to hold some semblance of order and begin looting. It's classic big business. And the cost to America for their Games? Thousands of American Servicemen and Women dead. Billions of U.S. funds funnelled into the Military Industrial Complex, Tens of thousands of our soldiers crippled and maimed and unable to serve any longer. Our Country's good name has been dragged in the mud with torture and murder and mayhem by these bloody entrepeneurs. Terrorist activity is UP 1000% percent. America Is NOW the most reviled country on the planet. The rich are getting richer and the American middle class is getting poorer. Healthcare costs are shooting through the roof and our nation is bankrupt.

And STILL you don't get it. Still you cheerlead ignorantly for these corporate shills and backroom dealing TRAITORS.

It's YOU who supports Terror. It's you who IS A TRAITOR To the American way. By bending over and smiling For Big Dick Cheney everytime he snaps his fingers. YOU and stupid ass Americans like YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for the deaths of our military men, the weakening of our country's security, the looting of our own country's treasury, and the dismantling of the constitutions' protections.

You and those like you MAKE ME FUCKING SICK. How much more do we have to show you before you get it. You CAN'T be this stupid. Which means you are Willingly Aiding and Abetting terror by supporting the liars in our government.

You belong in a cave alright, right next to Osama and the other clueless zealots who have hurt their own countries with thier stupidity, arrogance and willingness to commit murder.

Real Americans will render your kind impotent though. Be aware of that. Your cheerleading days are over, you terrorist-supporter.

caveman said...

So I take that as a no?

the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole said...

Just what I like...more proof Darwin hit it on the head.
Be nice to caveman. We evolved from him.

I've been wondering if the whole exercise is about turning the Sunni/Shia detente into a full bloodbath, something to knock the Sauds down a notch from full puppeteer and us up a notch from puppet to, say, Co-
Defender of the Holy Cities and Oil Fields.
Oh, maybe it seems like Armegeddon...but there are so many of us anyway, and look at the opportunities for profit, and since the dust cloud from multiple nuke strikes would combat the Global Heating that in any case doesn't exist, isn't that win-win-win?

Except for, say, the many millions of us that will die?

We can always devolve into cavemen again.

the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole said...

Oh, and re: the post...
Agreed. 50 states it is; the west is more immediately winnable and so was first attended to in order to restore balance to the government, but yes; the south is full of thinking men and women and we'll never forget you here in the Bluest states.

Look up fascism in the Webster's and you see the Republican party there, a marriage of government and industry with nationalist fervor and the whole nine yards.
No room for small business, for independence, and that's one reason we can peel libertarians from their base, and small businessmen/women, and Christians who are not Christianists, any people who like to learn, that they may think for themselves.

And this Global Heating thing is going to sweep a whole bunch of Hate Addicts aside that we may move forward together, or else.