Jan 11, 2007

Escalation Part II

A few brave Republicans have taken up the No More! chant and are standing against President Bush's escalation plans in Iraq.

Sen. Hagel (R-Neb) leads the charge as he grilled Condoleeza Rice and chastised her for her lies.

(from MSNBC: )

In a heated exchange with Hagel, a potential presidential candidate in 2008, Rice disputed his characterization of Bush’s buildup as an “escalation.”

“Putting in 22,000 more troops is not an escalation?” Hagel, a Vietnam veteran and longtime critic of Bush’s Iraq policy, asked. “Would you call it a decrease?”

“I would call it, senator, an augmentation that allows the Iraqis to deal with this very serious problem that they have in Baghdad,” she said. She disputed that Iraq was in the throes of a civil war.

To that, Hagel said, “To sit there and say that, that’s just not true.”

Contact Sen.Hagel to show your support for Republicans who stand up to George Bush and his failed dream in Iraq. Let him know that America HAS spoken, and the political futures of those Republicans who still hang on Bush's coattails will be short. Bush has almost single handedly destroyed the Republican party with his "dream" for controlling the oilfields of Iraq. True Conservatives must distance themselves from Bush and listen to their constituents.

(again, From the MSNBC article)
Republican Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio also said Bush could no longer count on his support.

“You’re going to have to do a much better job” explaining the rationale for the war, “and so is the president,” Voinovich told Rice. “I’ve gone along with the president on this and I’ve bought into his dream and at this stage of the game I just don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Again, show some support for those Republicans who are strong enough to stand against Bush and for America. Contact Sen. Voinovich here

Getting out of Iraq will take a bi-partisan effort to defeat any filibusters. Who would be such an anti-American coward as to support Bush against the American people? Why, Sen. McConnell of Kentucky would:

(from MSNBC)
The Nebraska Republican vowed to “resist” the plan, but the Senate’s top Republican, Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., threatened a filibuster to block any legislation expressing disapproval of Bush's strategy.

Please, contact HIM as well, and express the American opinion. Tell him what you think about filibustering efforts to save American lives and get us out of the Iraq quagmire.

Contact McConnell

And what are other Senators saying concerning the new escalation?

From the biggest two-faced bastard out there:

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., expressed both doubts and optimism about the strategy.

Ah yes, having an actual OPINION is too much for the likes of McCain. Our favorite Republican mole, Lieberman, (thanks For nothing Connecticut!) of course Loves Bush strategy and is "staying the course". I don't encourage anyone to contact this steaming pile of excrement. He's bought and paid for and I don't expect he listens to any of his constituents any more.

One Democrat who previously supported Bush on Iraq has changed course, however. Senator Bill Nelson had this to say as he withdrew his backing, after a 12 day visit to the Middle East:

“I have not been told the truth over and over again by administration witnesses, and the American people have not been told the truth,” Nelson said.

You can contact him and welcome him back to the reality based community here.

It's time to take back our country from these short-sighted imbeciles. It's time to push Morality and Responsibility. The end doesn't justify the means, and in George Bush's dreams, the Means cannot result in a decent end.


Questiongirl said...

I'd actually like to crosspost this if you'd contact me Fade.

QuestionGirl said...

I called the Republicans. Nelson is my Senator. I've written him and called him more in the past two years than I have my own Mother. He isn't a good listener. I was so very glad to see that he finally grew some kahunas. He voted for the Detainee bill and that was the icing on the cake for me.

Fade said...

As bad as you have it, it can't, it just CAN'T be like having Kay Bailey Hutchison and Randy Neugebauer as your "representatives". Talk about Clueless. All I get back from these guys are cookie cutter response letters saying they are supporting "our President". Gack, West Texas was once known for our independent, pioneer spirit. How low we have fallen. I will stay on their asses tho. If there is ONE Thing these people like more than Bush, its themselves. Soon enough, supporting Bush will be a total kiss of death.

Fade said...

Oh- and Crosspost to your hearts content! Anything that gets the word out to the Repubs still sitting on the fence. (and the Dems who are worrying more about their political clout than about the future of America).

Old Broad said...

Did you catch Condi getting HER ASS handed to her today? It was MARVELOUS to watch. And good for Hagel. Dubya is determined to launch us into WORLD WAR III, and who's gonna stop him?
BTW, PNAC is NOT dead. Just underground right now, but STILL running the show.
(I swear, you are KILLING ME here with those letter/word verification thingies. I have to retype them 6-7 times BEFORE I get 'em right!)

caveman said...

can I cross post...BUAHAHAHA

Fade said...

Caveman- it'll cost you 10 cents a word. Cash or money orders only.

OB/HCG- Uh. Can I take that word verification shit off? I am still pretty clueless when it comes to these damn things. When I first starting blogging, I couldn't even make a proper html link- Actor212 from Simply Left Behind had to instruct me. And Swan/Fred help a lot too. Thank god for cool people on the internet, or else I might actually have to crack a html manual...