Jan 8, 2007

Environmentalists stop VX waste dumping

Score one for the Good guys, also known to us crazy liberals as the American Public.

Bush's carefully appointed leadership of both the CDC and EPA signed off on this madness. But Environmentalists stood firm and prevented the Governtment's plan TO DUMP VX NERVE GAS WASTE into the DELAWARE RIVER.

Jesus mfn Christ. Will it EVER STOP?


Here is the Initial CDC report- http://0-www.cdc.gov.mill1.sjlibrary.org/nceh/demil/reports/VX/vxreportfindings.htm, in which the EPA finds that DuPont has not shown sufficient evidence that they could adequately treat the wastewater.

The EPA shortly reversed their position. http://www.phillyburbs.com/pb-dyn/news/111-02262006-618484.html

Our Government "watchdog" agencies were about to allow one of our own weapons of mass destruction to be treated and dumped into a river which serves to supply drinking water to millions of Americans. But, under pressure from state officials and environmentalists, DuPont relents and backs out of the deal, citing concerns about lawsuits and their business relationship with the state of New Jersey.

Now the military will have to deal with the waste on-site.


navyswan said...

Why do we need terrorists when we have neocons dismantling our government and ruining our environment from within? Btw, why are all those birds dying in Texas?

caveman said...

swan your still on the wrong side..terrorist bad neocons good

Fade said...

Environment Bad, Cavemen Good. Water bad, chemical waste good. Trees bad, pavement good. Clean air bad, corporate pollution good.

Blah blah and fucking blah. Are you EVER right about any-damn-thing, Caveman?

Eco-Terrorists are still terrorists. And thousands of Americans die every year due to pollution and the cancers caused by EPA standards that are either too low or turned a blind eye to.
America has much more to fear from our corporate Robber Barons than we do terrorists. One day, the people Will finally comprehend just how bad these corporate tapeworms are sucking America dry from within. And then we Will cut these bastards out of America, and dispose of the leeches.

It is people like me who are holding the scalpels right now.

Frederick said...

Heaven forbid,Caveman, but would it take a grandchild being born with a birth defect directly related to this kind of stuff before you wake up?

caveman said...

Ferd..you and fade over do it..good God whats next for you both?..Save the poor one legged lesbian mongolian yellow belly sap sucker from extiction casued by neocons ?...but its ok and normal for terrorist to hijack planes fly them into buildings where thoudands worked for a living? killing 3000?...fuck birth defects I am deaf I can deal with it..we have more problems with Parents these days shit stuffing their kids with veggie burgers and tofu.Fade I am sure you will do very well without Corporate bigwigs..why becasue your not one..me either..like ..umm Who fucking cares..I choose my richness..as you do..you choose to make what ever you want...smile I love you all...well except swan she has called me an ass ; )

Fade said...

"one legged lesbian mongolian yellow belly sap sucker"

Okay, I got to give you that one. Thats pretty damn funny.

I got hope for ya yet Cavey.

Frederick said...

I'm less and less amused. You can say I think, "its ok and normal for terrorist to hijack planes fly them into buildings where thoudands worked for a living? killing 3000?" Over and over, and I can condemn the action over and over, as I have numerous times, but there is no getting that through to Caveman. My service to this country doesn't matter. There is no longer any point of having a discussion with him.

caveman said...

ahhh Fred..I love your service..but not protesting the war that your brothers are fighting for..do you want this to be a Vietnam?...then support your brothers in killing terrorist ...yes even Al-Queda in Iraq