Jan 29, 2007

All kinds of good stuff from Will Bunch recently.

Will Bunch schools Broder in real journalism...

Bunch also has a great post that skewers the Right Wing Blog Macheen, a group of fools that is so busy bobbing their heads in the president's lap, that they seldom take the time to look around.


Malkin, LGF and the guy who brands himself a "Confederate Yankee" (Yee-haw what we really needs is slaves, ya'll - Let's start with them ole imgrants!) are embroiled in the mission-to-end-all-missions. Their two pronged task is to PROVE that the Government is Telling us the Truth and that the Associated Press is lying (gasp) LYING To Us about Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy Land (that's rightwing speak for Iraq).

(sigh) I know. I know. Where do these monumental ass kissers come from? How exactly do you grow up believing that a POLITICIAN loves you and is right about Everything? Head up Ass, much, Malkin? No, don't stop verbally massaging his majesty, the Prez, dearie. Go ahead and continue blowing and blowing smoke. We can't impeach a president for the sucking you clowns give every day, anyway.

You know, you would think that Malkin might actually LEARN something from her trip to Iraq, but the only thing she's attempting to do is prove the hair-brained conspiracy theories of the Freeperville Elite. There she is, in front of a mosque that she is trying to prove wasn't bombed, and IT IS MISSING HALF THE FUCKING DOME. What does she think that hole is, a sunroof?

It is one thing to be a blind halfwit. It is quite another to gouge your own eyes out with a fork while singing Yankee Doodle Dandy.


Old Broad said...

These people are utterly insane. How else can they possibly believe this shit? Dubya is their very own Rev. Jim Jones. Seriously.

Caveman said...

Well good gosh at least its a hole in the roof you lame brains beleive that Bush and the goverment blew up the world trade centers.. caused global warming..when my brown balls are freezing here in the desert and for some weird reason Bush was not elected..umm two times..BUAHAHAHAHHAHAHA....ohhh and for the bobbing head part well at least Clinton really was receving one...while Osama and the terrorist were a planning...ohhhhh myyyyy.

Fade said...

On whose watch did those towers go down? Bush's. You can't blame Clinton for Cheney refusing to take Terrorism seriously.

Clinton protected us. Bush didn't.There's your black and white.

ah yes, EVEN EXXON NOW ACCEPTS Global Warming. Are you one of those people who STILL believe Cigarettes don't cause cancer?

Global Warming is real- and IT IS What's fucking up the weather right now. Extremes. Get used to them as long as Bush keeps cutting EPA regs, many more Americans will be affected. And probably a lot of them will be in Texas towns, poisoned by their own factories.

the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole said...

Lies in the service of truth are no vice, silly Fade.

We here at the Church of Universal Love & Truth are home to the local chapter of Hate Addicts Anonymous. Michelle and friends are many of them members, if lapsed; maybe you, too, caveman...?

caveman said...

hmm..I hate terrorist..dont you...hole?