Apr 12, 2008

Yes, its the weekend and i am bored

I watched that, and I remember how it felt - to feel like that. Long time ago.

And immune to those feelings now, I wonder if I am better - or worse.


And then I find this Holy Hell ,

"Lust, you are a thief."

I am in love again. with the thief who has stolen these words from my heart and placed them on display where I could steal them back... Nothing is so invigorating as the cold splash of furious poetry across my numb,dumb face... Wake me and Take me.

and I realize, we don't ever become immune. but fortunately, we can express it a lot more eloquently as our pain ages...

It was a brief romance, just the way I like them...

Bask in my love and let me run before you can discover how impure my love really is.

apology for paradise tasted, but never given.


Freida Bee said...

You are a dear.

Thank you.

betmo said...
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Fade said...

betmo- email sent

betmo said...

fade- i am sorry- i think my spam filter got it- could you try resending it? i am sorry.

Anita said...

that just made me cry soooo hard. i'm trying to complete a deadline for work and i'm now i'm feeling kind of paralyzed --- by the video and the poem.

sometimes, a broken heart never heals. that's just life. one can say it's better to have loved and lost ... eh, you know how the rest goes.

but i really don't think that is true. at all. any more. time does not heal all wounds.

but, sometimes, it's important to be reminded that we are in fact human and we haven't become entirely numb.

thank you for posting that. i hope you don't mind if i post the video on my new site.

Anita said...

hi again ... i added it, but i'm loser with figuring out how to use blogger, so there is no h/t thingy. i'll figure it out ... soon.

Fade said...

Lol= welcome to my blog Anita- feel free to share anything you find here. Better to have loved and lost to have never loved at all. Pain is a gift. Without it, I'd never appreciate all the love I have now.

droudy said...

Damn, you just summarized the last two years in all of this.

However, not sure about having loved and lost. Tired of losing, just want to love.

Thank you, and ouch.

The Poor Blogger said...

"...before you can discover how impure my love really is."

Ah, I see we share a common view of ourselves.

Fade said...

K- caught that line, did ya?