Apr 3, 2008

Support your Global Blogger/Musicians

Give him a little support and a vote!


old hack said...

god damn straight!

you're the man fade.

until more musicians start singing about shit that matters wont nobody else give a shit either!

Bob said...

I gave old hack some clicks. Hope it helps. (ahhhh...."we're on the Eve of Destruction...")

thepoetryman said...

I've supported him three times now. Once Wednesday. Once Thursday and again today. He is ahead at this juncture of the voting...

Go Old Hack!

Swinebread said...

I voted for 'em but I deleted his comment

cheyanne said...

O.k. So I double clicked too. Gave him some indie music points I hope.

Thanks for putting me on your bloglist. I've reciprocated and added you to my list.

It seems like we are playing blog tag or something.

Anyhow, I like your style.Thanks for reading me.Keep in touch.

old hack said...

in casne you're wondering I lost. it turned into a spam battle at the end and I lost interest. whe it goes from asking friends to spread the wrod to just blasting everyones pages with comments i can only spam for so long before I start feeling like a salesman.

I lost at the very last minute. by just a few votes. don't really want to be affiliated with that corporate rag magazine anyway. It goes against my anarcho-socialist principles.

I passed the 100,000 views on my youtube channel the same day though... youtube.com/oldhacks