Apr 18, 2008

Blogger Universe!

Real Name: Unknown
Other Blog handles: Redneck Liberal, Faded
Base of Operations: West Texas, ya'll

The Fadeinator

First Blog Appearance: Crooks and Liars, 2004
Group Affiliations: MCCS1977, Blue Herald, and Unruly Mob

Topic of Choice: Government is out of control, Right Wing is ruining America

Medals of Valor: Thinking blogger award, thrice decorated, Awarded the coveted Iamsoretarded.com linkage from Archvillain Megabrad.

Special Powers: Fast typing, Profanity Specialist, ability to use True Conservative arguments in the Liberal cause to dismantle the bullshit of Right wingers. Unafraid to piss people off.

Google-Link Ability: Level 10 - Master
HTML Ability: Level 2 - Cut and paster

Weaknesses: Alcohol, Vulgar women , Truly Intelligent people, ability to piss people off.
ArchEnemy: Caveman , destroyed in mid-2007, not seen since.

History: Born in a trailer, raised in the projects while simultaneously living on weekends with his millionaire father, Fade is a man of contradictions and exceptions. May possibly be the only member of Who's Who with multiple college scholarships prior to entering high school who was a gangmember and frequent incarceree of the Lubbock jail system.

Leaving West Texas for the Big D, he escaped the confines of the bible belt and expanded his mind in college. However, his criminal side resurfaced and he became a young Republican. Returning to Lubbock, he became a board member of the corporation his father was President of. Dark days of dittoheadness followed.

Days after championing W in the 2000 elections, Fade discovered something was very wrong. He realized his political views and life were a complete hypocritical self-serving pile of shit.

Then he discovered the intertubes. He fell under the tutelage of Blog Master Actor212, who took him under his wing and tried to hone Fade's pathetic lack of html skills. After Actor212 showed him the ways of the tubes- Fade opened his zen blog temple, House of the Rising Sons.

Fade became a junior member of the Justice Blog of America (aka MCCS1977) sometime in 2006, where he learned much at the feet of Frederick, Navyswan, and Bacchus. Fade then struck out on his own again with a new House and to this very day fights crime and Republicans from this stronghold.

Fade Chi, Master of Blog Fu


Fade said...

So, whaddaya think? I hope this catches on.. lol

thepoetryman said...

I do like it!

I suppose the bandage on your head was from the operation to remove the republican troll that was eating away at your brain?

The Station Agent said...

Very cool, Fade!

SadButTrue said...

Brilliant post! I knew about Blue Herald and of course C&L, but had never visited MCCS 1977 before. Great link!

Targa said...

I heard the final paragraph (yet to be written) in my head. It went something like this:

The story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

[cut to computer screen. Fade typing away furiously]

[Fade turns to face the camera and begins to unravel the bandage on his head]

...or something to that effect.

BTW, on the top graphic, that image on the right side of "FADE"... when you look at the hand... it sort of looks like a naked woman.
I'm just sayin'.

Utah Savage said...

I never liked the super hero type till now. I'm a convert Fade. You're my dream man. Please try not to think of me as granny. It ruins my groove.

Fade said...

Ah, Flattery will get you everywhere, Utah.

QG said...

I love me some Fade ;-)

Freida Bee said...

Aw shit...

For one thing, we never met at my first job on my own at The Republican Party of Texas where I worked until I decided I wanted to work on Ann Richard's campaign 'cause Clayton William's was a loathsome crock o' shit, (and simultaneously read the RPT platform. Oh, I wasn't a repub who was pro choice, anti death penalty, pro gay rights, you name it. That's called a not Republican (maybe democrat- more likely green party.

I am a vulgar woman, may I remind, and you stole my line...

Flattery will get you everywhere (or did I steal yours...?)

Fade said...

Oh never fear, you are definitely on my list of Vulgar Women who make me weak in the knees...

And ah, Ole Clayton, Even AS a Repub, I knew that guy was a scumbag... "lay back and enjoy it" indeed. I wonder if all these blue collar Repubs are enjoying it now?

angry ballerina said...

omg, you are a fucking idiot.

Fade said...

ab- lmfao

Liberality said...

tag you are it.

The Poor Blogger said...

That was pretty awesome. Sad thing is, I actually have the "Marvel Universe Encyclopedia" on which the comic cover you used is based.

Fade said...

Hmmm. Don't know If I've got any of them anymore or not. When I went away to college, the Matriarchal unit disposed of about 4,000 comics.

Yes, I know. I know. I know.

Almost disowned her.

Fade said...
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