Apr 9, 2008

Chaos Inc.

Random blogging, part 763



I think we've all felt this way sometime or other during the past year:

"that this election is really going to make one godamn bit of difference and that this is still a functioning democracy....ha-ha! Now, that's funny!"
The Culture Ghost

I think the biggest way to cure apathy is to get pissed off again. So, to all of you who feel like CG right now, and I'm sure its a growing group out there: Get Pissed Off Again.

To all of you who feel like this election is all a useless endeavor- Remember this- The Republicans WILL be voting. Even though they don't like their candidate, they seem to understand what many of us don't - Their vote counts, and it's worth the effort to put it in for your candidate, because, even though that candidate may not be everything you want, it's the small differences that WILL COUNT in the 4 years of the immediate future. They know it. They know McCain will keep pushing Republican bullshit that will aid them in little ways, if nothing else, he will keep the ni**ers, the fa*s, the wetbacks, the fucking poor, the unions, the non-christians, the non-racists, the peaceniks and the socialists DOWN where the Republicans think they all belong. And they will hustle their sorry asses down to vote for that one point only, if it all boiled down to it.

And if You STILL don't think it matters in the end- well fucking shut the hell up and DO Something MORE for your country.

For those of you who feel that working within the parameters of the system isn't going to effect any change- you have plenty of alternatives outside the box. If you are convinced that Democracy is dead, and I am certainly not- are you going to put up or shut up?

Because I'd love to see something either way. I've been right here with you myself before, feeling defeated and dismayed at the whole bullshit system. But selling the idea that everything is useless is ... well, useless. Be a patriot. Shake things up. Get back in the game. Fight for what you believe is right. Too many people sitting on the sidelines is what makes this country weak.

"We are about to become refugees. Was Moses an independent?" Mandt (commenting at The Culture Ghost)

Fuck being a refugee. That shit's for the birds. FIGHT. Note: You may have to turn off your computer and go outside.

Stand up

Best Matthews description Evar :

"Yet for as basic as he has become to the political and media furniture, Matthews is anything but secure. He is of the moment, but, at 62, also something of a throwback -- to an era of politics set in the ethnic Democratic wards of the '60s and the O'Neill-Reagan battles of the '80s. And he is a product of an aging era of cable news, the late-'90s, when "Hardball" started and Matthews made his name as a battering critic of Bill Clinton during the Monica saga.Cable political coverage has changed, however, and so has the sensibility that viewers -- particularly young ones -- expect from it. Mat-thews's bombast is radically at odds with the wry, antipolitical style fashioned by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert or the cutting and finely tuned cynicism of Matthews's MSNBC co-worker Keith Olbermann. These hosts betray none of the reverence for politics or the rituals of Washington that Matthews does. On the contrary, they appeal to the eye-rolling tendencies of a cooler, highly educated urban cohort of the electorate that mostly dismisses an exuberant political animal like Matthews as annoyingly antiquated, like the ranting uncle at the Thanksgiving table whom the kids have learned to tune out."


Swinebread said...

I'm Fighting! I'm Voting!

Randal Graves said...

And if voting doesn't work, we can all move to Florida, I mean the OK Corral!

C.J. said...

I will ALWAYS vote!! Never have sat out an important election - never fucking will. Will go down fists swinging.

Great post, my friend. I love the quote about Matthews at the end. The whole decrepit gang of them are like barely tolerated uncles, who are on their way out the damn door! I hope for GOOD!

Mauigirl said...

I agree! And don't worry, I'm still Pissed Off!

Elmo said...

Fight for what you believe is right. Too many people sitting on the sidelines is what makes this country weak.

Etch that shit in stone. And if one thinks they can't take a punch, trust me, you can...