Apr 11, 2008

One Needless Death

Winter Patriot: While my guitar and I both gently weep


Swinebread said...

Stop the war indeed

old hack said...

only way you can stop the war is by ending our dependence on oil. that'll take some major initiative by the congress.

Whatd congress declare 40mpg by 2020?

I'll expect the war to be over sometime around 2040 then...

Send Mike Gravel some money if you really want to end the war. Otherwise go cruising in your humvee.

old hack said...


anyone see how Gravel embarrassed the other Libertarians running for president at the LP convention?

send the guy some money start spreading the word abouty him. He's the most important figure to run for president in the 21st century.

Fade said...

You know, Hack... you would probably get more of the links if you would actually go and read them.