Apr 7, 2008

Absolut-ly ridiculoso

It's kind of stupid to me. Sort of like Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants fighting over which branch of christianity is the 'true' religion for Eire.
Newsflash- In an Absolut America, we wouldn't have Spanish Conquistadors OR English Colonists fighting over who stole the land first.
Christians: Whether they speak Spanish or English, the heirs to Jewish mythology are the biggest Thieve's Guild in human history.


PoliShifter said...

I guess Absolute is weighing its market. They can see that hispanics will be the majority in the future and have made a strategic marketing decision.

People like lou dobbs may cry but he should watch some telemundo some time and just do a tally of how many corporations pander for the hispanic market.

It's Business and most right wingers support it hence Bushy and McCain wanting amnesty and 'guest workers'. Who else is going to cut their lawns for $10?

I read something today about McCain saying Americans wouldn't pick lettuce for $50 an hour...immediately people in the crowd started yelling "I would! Where do I sign up!" lol

That's what happens when your wife is loaded with cash and a hourly wage means nothing to you unless it has several zeros after it.

Fade said...

What makes me shake my head is all these clueless white folks who bitch and moan about "Press 1 for English" while simultaneously bitching and moaning that Mexican-Americans send all their money to Mexico. Well, duh- if they weren't spending millions and millions here in America, corporations wouldn't be pandering and advertising in spanish so much. It's about the money.

The Poor Blogger said...

As for the ad, I think it's hilarious.

As for Christians being the biggest thieves guild in history ... I'll agree with that (to my great shame). Although I'll add the caveat that it was only because Christianity became the religion of the empire and not for any inherent flaw. It's basically a fluke of history.

Let me take your statement about Conquistadores vs. Americans a bit further. First, you can hardly call the American aristocracy Christian. The brainchild behind "Manifest Destiny" (Thomas Jefferson) was a Deist. He didn't believe in the Incarnation, Crucifixion or Ressurection, or any of the rest of the supernatural elements of the Bible. In fact, the majority of the presidents up to an including Abraham Lincoln were not Christians either.

As for Mesoamerica, were the Conquistadores really that much worse than what they replaced? Yes, they were racist and raped and killed and pillaged and sent over smallpox blankets. But the leadership prior to the arrival of Christian Conquistadores were performing mass human sacrifice. In battle, Aztec warriors didn't try to kill, but to stun and maim so they could have prisoners to use for sacrifice. Let's say they had conquered the world. Yech!

Nor can it be blamed on mere religiousity. The athiest Stalin and his godless regime hold the record for most people killed by the State with athiest, communist China under Mao Tse Tung running a close second. It would take a thousand years of the Inquisition to achieve what they did in a decade.

No, the great tragedy of Christianity is not that they are worse by comparison. It is that they should have been better. In an absolut world, no one would be able to even hope to make a claim that the Church was oppressive or a thieve's guild. However, sadly, your assertion cannot be easily dismissed.

I would like to add that Christians are not just the inheritors of Jewish mythology, but of every mythology. Inasmuch as it is true, we claim it. How's that for pompous! :-)

Fade said...

K- Yeah, I know, Christianity is my go-to fall guy for the ills of the world.

The Aztec empire was doomed anyway. I see just as many parallels with Azteca and present America as I do with the Rome comparison. Blind obedience to Religion Inc. (in whatever flavor) is always a short cut to self-immolation. As for your last thought, I'm totally stealing that.

The Poor Blogger said...

I was going to disagree with your "blind obedience" statement, but I think I agree. Obedience is a big part of Christianity, but I think God prefers "eyes wide open" obedience. The problem is that we (Christians) aren't obeying the commands we were given. For instance, so many Christians just LOVE the "eye for an eye" command in the OT, forgetting that Jesus said, "You have heard it said, 'You shall take an eye for an eye,' but I tell you ..." and then He goes on to tell us to pray for our enemies (not bomb them to hell) and turn the other cheek and go the extra mile, etc. He only gives us one command, "Love each other as I have loved you."

That's why America isn't a Christian nation. We SUCK at that!

As for the mythology comment you're stealing, I took it first from C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein. Both of them, especially Lewis, see all myths (including the OT) as pointers and incomplete tellings of the True Myth (the Gospels). Anyway, I suppose it's cool to steal from a thief, so you can have it. :-)

The Poor Blogger said...

Oh, one more thing. I think the problem is less blind obedience to religion, and more blind obedience to the State. The State just uses religion as one of its methods of enforcing that blind obedience. It's why so many emperors of the past declared themselves gods. I'm working on a post right now which compares that trend with the disturbing tendency of this regime to appeal to a higher Authority for its actions. To my mind, that is the worst form of "taking the Lord's name in vain."