Apr 10, 2008

Come Sweet Oblivion

Twain-the War Prayer

May the Higgs Bosun be with you
personal note : What a crock of shit.

Wild Wild Key West
personal note: Be Kinder to your employees

Jewish marathoners conflicted by diet options
personal note: Today's national tragedy brought to you by: Matzo's

Historians agree: Worst Prez ever.
personal note: And he's not even done yet...

Rachel Maddow
personal note: Yes, I like her, but does she have to cultivate the appearance of a right wing chicken hawk male, down to the hair part? All she needs now is a bow tie.

Alternet Asks can Feminism and Porn co-exist? An article so stupid, I won't bother linking... But it's an easy opening for a smartass answer: Only if it's girl on girl.

It's always darkest before dawn. Betmo offers this
glimmer of hope

Fairlane has this interesting take on dealing with wingnuts


betmo said...

somebody's on a roll these days :)

fairlane said...

Appreciate the link.

Chairman Mao sends his regards.

Mauigirl said...

Great roundup of links - and thanks for sending me over to Fairlane's post - lots to think about there.

libhom said...

Maddow rocks, and she is not obligated to conform to our society's view of gender.

Fade said...

Maddow DOES rock, but I don't think the neocon Chickenhawk haircut and style is "our society's view of gender".

If I can make fun of a thousand geeky guys for looking like that, surely I can make fun of one woman for it as well.

navyswan said...

How is the Higgs boson a crock of shit? I think many scientists would disagree with you on that.

Fade said...

Swan- Sorry i wasn't specific- Higgs' claim that this new collider will find his elusive particle where the others haven't - is a big Crock of Shit. From the article:

"British physicist Peter Higgs said on Monday it should soon be possible to prove the existence of a force which gives mass to the universe and makes life possible -- as he first argued 40 years ago.
The likelihood is that the particle will show up pretty quickly ... I'm more than 90 percent certain that it will," Higgs told journalists
Today, the existence of the invisible field is widely accepted by scientists, who believe it came into being milliseconds after the Big Bang created the universe some 15 billion years ago.
aims to simulate conditions at the time of that primeval inferno by smashing particles together at near light-speed and so unlock many secrets of the universe.
postulated that matter was weightless at the exact moment of the Big Bang and then much of it promptly gained mass
Higgs said he hoped the elusive boson -- which an earlier but less powerful collider at CERN and another at the U.S. Fermilab had failed to detect -- would be identified before his 80th birthday in 2009.

"If it doesn't," he said, "I shall be very, very puzzled."
Mainly just how Higgs says it will show up very quickly then does a 180 and says it could take a long time to find it.

"I may have to keep the champagne on ice for a while yet."

That guy will be on ice before they detect the Higgs Bosun particle. Higgs will find god before he finds the god particle. I expect more puzzled-ness. lol