Feb 6, 2008

Schnell und wütend

If you come to a fork in the road, take it!

Interesting side trips:

Terrorism and Radicalization- What Not to Do, What to Do - Comprehensive presentation on the WHYS of terrorism that was presented to the U.S. State Department by Scott Atran
When Scientists flip-flop - Scientists discuss the matters that they have changed their minds about...

I, myself, am on the cusp of changing my mind about a personal scientific theory I've held for years. I've always believed that insects were evolved from plants. But, with each new year of experience and wisdom I am beginning to feel that my heartfelt theorem of Botanical Phytoplankton Insect evolution may have been merely a self-delusion. It's hard to let go of this gut scientific knowledge. ;)

The World's Greatest Rubbish Dump -100 million tons of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean
Healthcare is NOT an issue in the greater scheme of things - There are bigger things afoot. If we cannot become more self-sufficient on a statewide basis, this country will fail in a big way. Our state governments need to worry less about the federal tit and more about building a localized system of energy, food production, and healthcare. If the oil crunch came today, we would collapse as a nation.
The Poison Tree truth about Guantanamo Bay - Chris Floyd explains that America's Gulag is just about domination. Innocence or Guilt need not be a factor.
My Love for you is like a truck...


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