Feb 22, 2008


It's important to stay abreast of what's going on in the Progressive world. I am certain that anyone visiting my site is probably on top of that. But it is also equally important to know how the other side thinks and what they are doing. Zipping through Crooks and Liars twice a day keeps me abreast of the mainstream activity of Der Shrubenfuhrer's SS troopers, but that's just really the scum floating on the surface of the deep black swamp that is the right wing mindset.

I don't mean hanging out at Free Republic or the Drudge Report and losing brain cells though. I get plenty of newsletters from all sorts of sources. One of them is the incomparable VOLPAC newsletter from good ole Bill Frist. Reading through the missives to teh Republican faithful (the bushbot eleet!) lets me know how they are framing the issues they believe are most important, and understand what the leaders of the Republican party consider the hotbuttons of the day.

And it's a lot less nauseating than having to earbleed through hours of Rush "I went to the Dominican Republic and all I got was this lousy std from an underaged sex slave" Limbaugh.

By beating these talking points to the punch and exposing their lies before they even have time to get them to McCain, we win half the battle.

So, what does FRIST! have to say to pep-rally up the sheep and get some money flowing his way? I will refrain from my usual smart-ass comments and just post the majority of it here.

EXCERPT from Volpac Email received today entitled "Democratic Iceberg Approaching"
It happened again.

Votes cast by Democrats in the recent primaries in Maryland, Virginia and Tuesday's Wisconsin primaries have greatly exceeded those cast by Republicans in each state. In fact, if you combine the total of votes cast for Senator McCain and Governor Huckabee in Wisconsin they don't equal the number of votes cast for Senator Obama (and come nowhere close if you add in those cast for Senator Clinton.)

Our Republican Party is going to have to get on it’s “A game” if we expect to curb this Democrat fervor. The good news for us is that this enthusiasm is being fueled by a flowery rhetoric and little substance and it won’t take Americans long to figure that out. That said, we need to start to work today, as the elections in November will be here before we know it. Because, while the enthusiasm Democrat voters are showing for their candidates is a real concern, it is far outweighed by the dangerous national security ideas the Democrat presidential candidates and the Democrat Congress seem committed to:
Before the Surge was even implemented, Senate Democrats declared the war was lost in Iraq. And today, in the face of obvious and overwhelming progress, they remain committed to their “retreat at any cost” position.
Senate Democrats dragged their feet on reauthorizing and the House of Representatives blocked reauthorizing President Bush's terrorist surveillance program. Letting lapse a critical piece of our national security efforts to keep us safe.

Finally the Democrats silence and downplaying of Iran's nuclear ambitions has likely emboldened the radical elements that control Iran, telegraphing a real weakness to our enemies in Iran and around the world.
And these are just a few of the items that should concern us about the Democrats foreign policy. I am certain there is more to this iceberg than what we know today, but the media will do us few if any favors in exposing the Democrats foreign policy agenda.
What can we do together to prevent this and return steady leadership to the Congress?

We can rally around our conservative Senate and House candidates and focus our VOLPAC support on the races where we can win and cut into the Democratic congressional majorities. Remember, it only takes a two seat pickup in the Senate for Republicans to regain control of the Majority.

This was followed by a call for donations to Volpac. So, they are running skeered. And, I do believe they have absolutely NOTHING to slow the S.S. Republican Titanic from sinking to the depths. At least not as far as the voting public is concerned. They have their glorious war in Iraq. They have the terra-rist threat. They have the Iran boogeyman. So, in short, they have their 23%ers. And that's about it.

Same shit, different decade. The tone of this email says to me that even Bill Frist thinks the Presidency is lost and is focusing on Congress. He's got one important point:

Remember, it only takes a two seat pickup in the Senate for Republicans to regain control of the Majority

Beyond the Presidency, we have more ground to gain locally, state by state, and in the halls of Congress. We need a much larger majority than we currently have to truly defeat the Republican traitors. And criminal sentencing aside, I will be satisfied by breaking the back of the Republican party for the next 20 years. Get out and support the candidates who will take a stand FOR the American people and not just to fill their pockets with government dollars.

And don't let the opposition forget just what that iceberg was that sank the Republican party. It wasn't liberals. It wasn't the Democratic party. It wasn't even us.

It was George Bush and the fake conservatives who support torture, war, global interventionism, and Big Business over the American people.


GDAEman said...

you have a stronger stomach than I.

Speaking of money flowing, did you know that Barack Obama's finance chair, Penny Pritzker, gave money to Frist in 2000? She gave money to Dennis Hastert in 2006. More.

That said, I support Obama. *shrug*

Swinebread said...

the Chicken Hawks are coming home to roost.

Mauigirl said...

Great post, Fade. I like to check out what the "competition" is saying as well - as the old saying goes, "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer."

Liberality said...

thanks for doing the dirty work for me. I also notice how they like to frame the issues and come up with effective arguements to refute all their bullshit.

Randal Graves said...

Let me add in my two cents of praise, for even innocuous emails are still vile to read through.

I love the build-up of the threat of Iran or [insert bad guy of the week]. I can't help but think of the beginning to The Naked Gun. That's about how I view these guys as a threat. So many more important problems to fry.

Comrade Kevin said...

And now they have the gall to hit Obama back for telling the truth.


Me said...

Dubya and his minions and all the asswipes who voted for him have caused untold misery and grief.

No quarter. No mercy.

ANY person that voted for Dubya is PERSONALLY responsible for this clusterfuck.

No quarter. No mercy.


SadButTrue said...

I guess anybody who reads that is going to focus on one line or another that seems to stick out for its sheer stupidity. Here's the one that struck me: "The good news for us is that this enthusiasm is being fueled by a flowery rhetoric and little substance and it won’t take Americans long to figure that out."

Maybe the Repukes should pause to consider that the 'substance' they've got is runny, smelly, and deserves to be flushed.