Feb 26, 2008

All the news thats fit to blog

Frederick lets us know what Edwards is up to

lets us know lets us know what Diebold is up to

Buck at Blue Herald lets us know what Bush Thurston Howell III is up to

George Washington lets us know what our friends our trying to tell us (Hat tip : Liberality)

PZ lets us know about the Encyclopedia of Life

Tomdispatch lets us know who the world's most wanted really are

Truthdig lets us know lets us know that Anonymous is not only fighting Scientology, but Ralph Nader too

Mr. Fish lets us know how the Republican party looks to the American public:

Republican Party 2008
More About Mr. Fish


Swinebread said...

ha ha ha ha LOL

Comrade Kevin said...

Yes, this is clearly the Democrats race to lose. But losing can be easily accomplished.

Strap in, kids. It's going to be a wild seven months.

The Culture Ghost said...

Where did you get the "Mr. Fish"? I found one on a bulletin board here on campus two weeks ago...thought it might be just a random thing...

Fade said...

More about Mr. Fish: http://clowncrack.com/