Feb 8, 2008

Okay - The time of mourning is over

Well, now that Rush and the rest are going to be amping up to Re-label McCain a true conservative to the Republican base, I guess I'm going to have to take off my shroud of mourning for John Edwards and get on the Democratic bus. There will be no more bitching about Hillary or Obama, unless they really do something stupid. My vote will go to whichever is the nominee for the Democratic party, because there really is no alternative.

I will still be pimping Ron Paul for the "I ain't voting for no women, no minorities, and no damn liberals!" crowd. Because like it or not, he's a thousand miles ahead of the Bush crony alternatives. And a vote for Ron Paul is, effectively, a vote for the Democratic party in the end.

So all of you undecided Republicans- Vote your conservative conscience! Vote Paul. Or just don't vote at all, that will show America!

Paul does have his strong points-
he's one of the few who understand monetary policy among the candidates. And here was his view on Iraq, stated in the House of Representatives in 2002

I sure like the way he talks about ending the war in Iraq, not because it is a failure, but because it is and has been a farce, from the get-go. Hillary can't do that, because she can't admit she was wrong to vote for the war. I don't mind a little flip-flop, if its under the impression that she was fooled by the corrupt Republicans who wanted this war so bad they broke several laws and traitorously exposed our own anti-terror personnel to our enemies...

Whoever speaks out the strongest against the occupation and getting us out of Iraq will get the nomination. I understand that they are worried about how to frame the withdrawal. For that, they could definitely take a page or two or three from Ron Paul's playbook-

I understand the need to play it safe, but with 70% of Americans wanting our troops home, and most of the remaining 30% being die hard Republican hawks, I think You are safe to say "Support the Troops. Bring them home" And by the way, when we bring them home, we will be saving the American taxpayer a Billion a month (a week?) ...


Swinebread said...

You might be able to get pissed about those super delegates

Station Agent said...

Man, I would love Paul to run a third party campaign to the right of McCain.

Elmo said...

'bout time you came 'round to a sane way 'o thinkn!

Comrade Kevin said...

I respect your support of Ron Paul and feel as though I understand it because I was raised in a Libertarian household.

However, two crucial issues keep me from voting for Paul.

a. He advocates pulling us out of the United Nations, which is a mistake because as our population swells and grows, a world government will become a necessity. The days where we had the luxury of being isolationist are long since passed. Global economies are the wave of the future.

b. he is pro-life. I strongly support a woman's right to choose to terminate her pregnancy and have no desire to see us return to the days where women resorted to risky, back-alley procedures and/or coat-hangers to rid themselves of their fetus.

However, many of the points he says make sense and I welcome you to our side. I hope that the nominee you vote for is Senator Obama.

Liberality said...

yeah, I'm not wild about Clinton or Obama but whoever wins the nomination will have my support because we definately need to end this republican insanity we've been under for 7-8 years now.

SadButTrue said...

How about ending the corporatist insanity the country has suffered under for over 40 years, liberality? I know, no chance of that.

Wouldn't it be nice if just once you could go to the polls and wholeheartedly vote for something or someone you really believed in, instead of holding your nose to vote against the nightmare candidate?

Randal Graves said...

sadbuttrue, it would be nice, but that won't ever happen, barring some monstrous, national catastrophe whereby society decides to change course for the better.

I too am fucking sick of lesser of two evils voting. Blah.

Fade said...

SB- problem seems to be corrected,
SA- Seriously, there IS NO right of McCain. There aint a maverick bone in his body. He's partisan politics personified
E- yap.
CK- Oh, I like some of what Paul has to say, but I outlined the inherent flaw in him as Prez here: http://houserisingsons.blogspot.com/2007/12/cnbc-is-full-of-shit.html

lib,SBT, Randal= agreed,agreed, one thing at a time..