Feb 5, 2008

Iraq's Tragic Future

Common Dreams has an interesting article written by Scott Ritter...

The continued ambivalence of the American population as a whole toward the war in Iraq, perhaps best manifested by the superficiality of the slogan “Support the Troops,” all the while remaining ignorant of what the troops are actually doing, has led to a similar amnesia among politicians all too willing to allow themselves to seek political advantage at the expense of American life and treasure. January 2008 cost the United States nearly 40 lives in Iraq. The current military budget is unprecedented in its size, and doesn’t even come close to paying for ongoing military operations in Iraq. The war in Iraq has bankrupted Americans morally and fiscally, and yet the American public continues to shake the hands of aspiring politicians who ignore Iraq, pretending that the blood which soaks the hands of these political aspirants hasn’t stained their own. In the sick kabuki dance that is American politics, this refusal to call a spade a spade is deserving of little more than disdain and sorrow.


Randal Graves said...

Come now, we just need another six months.

I'd really like the candidates to be talking about this. I know they won't, but we certainly will be there for a very long time in some capacity. At least those stimulus checks will help grow the economy to pay for it.

Liberality said...

what is wrong with Americans? Can we not keep a single thought in our tiny little minds for more than 5 minutes. the war is why the ecomony sucks so why aren't we hearing this? good post btw.