Feb 7, 2008

Romney goes bye-bye

A loser speaks out: Watching Romney drop out of the race...

... says Porn and welfare is to blame for my single-fatherhood... ...Europe is facing destruction because of immorality and lack of religion... ...Says Chinks are outbreeding us, we will lose if we don't change gear and breed more... ...Say to get off the oil tit... (well one truth for every four bullshit statements)

oh here he goes - We are being held hostage by Ahmadinejad. Shit. Does this mean I have to raise my hand before I go get my welfare check so I can buy porn?

High taxes on private sector kills the country. Govt workers make more than Corporate officers... Huh??? What the fuck is he talking about? He must be including lobbyist kickbacks to Republican Congressmen.

Unions bad, corporations good

Islam believes in a government run by religion. (Talk about talking out of both sides of his mouth) They hate everything we believe. They hate our freedom. To fight them, we sent the bravest soldiers in the world. He takes a swipe at our military intelligence. We apparently didn't have enough money to stop 9-11.

And give the veterans the care they deserve.. Woo Hoo. Like this tickturd gives a good goddamn. He wants to spend more. I don't know where he plans on getting this money, except maybe by cutting education, healthcare, and wages to american employees.

"Just like Ronald Reagan did" "We are a nation at war" "they would retreat, declare defeat"
He's hitting all the same bullshit talking points. Oh, they are booing McCain now, hehe

"OSAMA BIN LADIN" OH MY GOD! "I cannot be a part of surrender, but I am giving up"

"in this time of war" about six times...

No wonder this vapid lying scumbag is getting the boot. Thank God this dick is gone.
"We cannot allow the leader of the United States to retreat in the face of extremism"

No shit. We need Obama, Hillary, or whoever becomes President to fully destroy what remains of the Republican party. People that can lie over and over to Americans like Romney just did ARE Extremists: religious extremists, economic extremists, and right wing radicals who have just screwed America over the past 7 years. It it far past time for these people to go.

I smile when I think of every Republican bushbot dollar that went to this idiot in vain. I am doubly happy when I think of every dollar that Romney has lost as a result of this failed bid.

It is not over yet. McCain/Huckabee is coming. One more conservative crony has fallen by the wayside, a victim of being just another clueless bush acolyte. We have more work to do.

UPDATE 2: Empire Burlesque on Romney: American Psycho


Randal Graves said...

Huckabee on that ticket is a scary proposition. Shore up the Jesusheads to go alone with 'more wars and less jobs.' Plus a lot of 'centrist' types still dig The Maverick®, regardless of the bluster of Rush and Co.

Fade said...

It ain't gonna be an easy fight. Hopefully some of the real christians will come out to fight torture,war and greed against the pharisee christers of the Republican party.

I pray for more christians who follow, you know, that Jesus guy...

Targa said...

He should have said, "In this time of war I'm glad I could buy assurances that my five adult male children will not have to fight in a war. At least not while there are eager poor folks to go in their stead."

I have a Mitt post on my blog. (Sorry, shameless blog whoring... but hey, I've been away for awhile).

Fade said...

Targa! Yeah, I totally missed that aspect. So many damn "patriots" who aren't willing to sacrfice a damn dime "In a time of war". If this was a REAL war- would a patriot be worried about a tax cut? Hell no. This is a farce, and 99% of Republicans know it. The "No blood for oil" line doesn't register with these guys because they did the math in their head and they figured it was worth a little blood to get that oil. What they didnt realize was, that ExxonMobil and the military industrial complex never had any plan to use this oil to help America. It was just another corporate powerpoint on maximizing their profits and kicking the stock price up.

And now, my stupid ass fellow Progressives on banking on "HOPE" - I mean, what are they? Fucking morons? Children? Hope doesn't do a goddamn thing. I HOPE that another Republican doesn't start another war. I HOPE that Barack O'Clinton might maybe possibly get our troops out of Iraq and quit spouting Pro-Israel tunes. Fuck Hope. The dumbshit average Democrat apparently has forgotten that this HAS BEEN a war at home for the past five or six years. And just because we've been winning against the monumental incompetence of the Republicans that they won't slit our fucking throats at the first oppurtunity!

Hope. What a sunshine beaming on a pile of shit.

Suzi Riot said...

My favorite kind of recap: a ranting one. Excellent!

What a bunch of complete crap. They don't give a fuck about what's really going on in people's lives or the real factors contributing to America's problems. It's too easy to blame "big government" and immorality. Fucking bullshit. Big government ain't such a bad thing when you want to go to war or fund huge bailouts for Corporate America, now is it? But don't you dare suggest that we use tax dollars for helping struggling families left to rot in the bottom of society's barrel.

It also makes me happy to think not only of all the wasted money Republicans spent on this fuckstick, but also of all the money Romney himself spent.