Feb 27, 2008

I Link, therefore I am...

What about that oil?

What's in a name? Barack Hussein style

Dr. Ben Marble (the guy who told Dick Cheney to go fuck himself) sent me a link to his new music vid - Go FU Cheney music vid

Texas - the CO2 State

Israeli Minister threatens Palestine with Holocaust

Watching Bill Maher's program the other day, with Kingston and Frum, I really wanted to reach through the tv and knock the shit out of Kingston. The guy is a total lying sleazebag and the people he's really lying to the most are his own supporters, republicans. He was pimping the flag pin/pledge of allegiance bullshit. This video I found at Americablog pretty much refutes this new pile of steaming republican lies. I have noticed Dan Abrams has been taking it to the liars pretty well lately, ala Olbermann. He's like the anti-Joe Scarborough.

And last but not least, Olbermann dissects the Bushspeak ....

Random observation: Going through my sitemeter and reviewing some of the hits I got through google searches DOES NOT give me any faith in my fellow man... There are some sick fucks out there.
What, you were expecting Democracy?


Comrade Kevin said...

All the money used to build that monument to myself? I borrowed it from China.


Randal Graves said...

I hope someone is going to put food on those children before they're aborted.

Fade said...

lmao @ Randal

C.J. said...

The word Republican is synonymous with "lying sleazebag".

Funny how much importance they put on the pledge of allegiance - which is actually a socialist chant.