Feb 21, 2008

Siegelman story to air Sunday

Siegelman story freed

The Siegelman story will air on 60 minutes this Sunday, after all... Watch it or DVR it if you can.

Scott Horton has been on top of this issue.. .

Part I
Part II
Part III

Siegelman was sentenced in June 2007.
Trial Sentencing article

It appears that Siegelman was guilty, was sentenced and went to jail. I don't have a problem with that. But what has been discovered is that Karl Rove ordered Siegelman's prosecution via Republican agents in order to take the Alabama GOP back from Democrats. And this was all done while ignoring the Republican crookery going on at all levels of George Bush's pyramid of cronies...

So, I can't say I feel sorry for Siegelman, he's a crook. But the way Bush's officials and appointees apply the law to only their political enemies is exactly why the Attorney scandal is so very important. This is why we need to prosecute Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzales, Dick Cheney, and President Bush, along with their army of corrupt political creatures. This is not democracy!

They are picking and choosing which of their political enemies to destroy, while ordering their subordinates to ignore their own criminal actions.

Is there anything these animals won't do to dismantle our country? Is anything at all in America sacred to these powermad thieves and charlatans?

These men are traitors. We are witnessing the lowest, vilest, most unpatriotic actions by government officials in our lifetimes. President Bush signs signing statement after signing statement that say he does not have to abide by the laws of this land. His criminal toadie, Karl Rove, says that if people don't like it, they can take him to court. Of course, this is a court system that George and Karl have carefully weighted with attorneys, judges, and prosecutors who are merely Republican sycophants. These are men and women who have been bought and sold all the way up to the Supreme Court. The rule of law and our constitution is thrown out the window by these greedy treasonous bastards.

This IS Treason. Our country is going down the drain- It is time to put away ALL the criminals, not just the ones who Karl Rove picks off his enemies list. Time to take a bite out of crime- starting at the top. Crime is crime, but crime against our entire judicial system is no less than a traitorous act by the worst of men.

UPDATE : Winter Patriot has a recap of the Alabama "Blackout" of the 60 minutes Siegelman portion, and how the Republicans who spoke out about Rove were threatened and attacked.


jgm said...

It's about time. Hope this McCain fiasco doesn't bump the story.

I thought Siegelman was guilty too, but also didn't care because of all the gross irregularities starting from the middle of the night election reversal, to his incommunicado imprisonment and denial of a transcript or appeal by a corrupt(documented)judge with a known grudge against him. Karl Roves hands were all over this one. So even if he was guilty of appointing Scrushy to an unpaid board that several prior governors had also done, the fact remains that he was a political prisoner, and that should be wrong in this country.

But now his guilt is in question also, if you read the recent appeal by his attorneys, and also the sworn affadavit by a Republican representatives wife testifying that her husband was pressured into providing false evidence against Siegelman, and when he refused he was prosecuted and imprisoned himself. A judge has now given him a new trial.

So now it looks like he's innocent, since the prosecutor didn't even meet the quid pro quo requirement for a guilty verdict. I sincerly hope this entire scandalous ordeal is aired out in public, and the ALL of these power hungry partisan crooks get a strong taste of their own legal medicine.

Fade said...

All I desire is some Open investigation and true accountability -

I didn't realize there could be a chance that Siegelman was innocent, based on his statements, and his apologies.

If he is innocent and in prison while the rest of these republican crooks run rampant-

... it's a crooked country under Republican rule, isn't it...

Randal Graves said...

I'm not sure how much treason bothers America. They still liked Saint Ronnie after Iran-Contra, and now he's deified as The Greatest American. Which, I guess, he is, in a the-mirror-never-lies kind of way. As a nation, we just don't give a shit about the shit we should give a shit about.

GDAEman said...


Guess we're thinking the same thing.

The failure of Bill Clinton to prosecute the Iran/Contra actors has led to their damaging actions in the Bush administration:
John Poindexter (Total Information Awareness);
Elliot Abrams (Iraq War);
Otto Reich (Attempted Venezuela Coup);
John Negroponte (Iraq Death Squads);
James Steele (Iraq Death Squads).

These are just the most well known. Help spread the word using this 3-min video:
Prosecute Bush et al. Chapter 1

PS I'm a 'bad influence' too hint hint nudge nudge ;-)

GDAEman said...

PPS I just realized a coincidence with your web page. You'll see it at the end of the video.

Fade said...

GDAEman, your bad influence has been noted. Thanks for the vid link-

And, I am not a Clinton-hater, like I used to be back in my dittohead days (hindsight's 20/20) but I still believe that some of the bullshit Bill pulled led directly to Bush being able to get away with the mess that he's been able to.

Comrade Kevin said...

I voted for Don twice for Governor, and I think he's a crook. I'm ambivalent as to whether I think he should be freed, since perhaps you have to know him from an Alabama perspective to totally understand him in his fullest context.

He was a consummate Democratic insider and raised more than a few eyebrows for his ineffective governing style and desire to work the good old boy system to his own ends.

I have a hard time supporting him, but if he was falsely convicted, he should be freed.